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Best class for future content (lore perspective, immersion and performance)

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Best class for future content (lore perspective, immersion and performance)

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09.08.2019 , 06:30 AM | #1
I have been away for a while and now that i am back, i am planning a new playthrough for 6.0 and future content. I just can't decide which class to play, so i am wondering what you people think might be the most fun from 6.0 onwards.

My thoughts so far:
1) With the Alliance more or less gone and SWTOR returning to Imp vs Rep, bipartisan players like me are mostly screwed. The imperial class stories are in most cases way better than their republic counterparts, but from what i have seen and played so far it looks like Imps are forced to be the bad guys again. I just don't want to be a bad guy, it simply feels off and i abandoned every DS character because it just wasn't fun for me (except killing Arcann ) So while during the vanilla game and class stories Imp is way more fun IMO, it sucks how the imperial story plays out during the last updates. Especially as a SW or SIn it feels soooo off (even more so as a LS character). Taking orders from Sith leftovers and recycled Cyborgs we already defeated before? Being forced to kill Jedi after working with them on Odessen? ***...No! Just NO! NO! NO! NO! I hated it so much that i stopped playing for months It completely ruins my immersion, ignores the development of my characters and feels like generic bad vs good with no option to make choices of my own (even if we picked rep side on every occasion we still have to kill the Jedi and fight the reps...***???) So yeah...Imp is kinda a no go area for me right now...but the outfits, class stories, voice actors and companions are just so much better!!!! ARGS!!!

2) Rep side seems overall favored by the devs. We keep the admiral, Theron staying with us makes sense, Lana staying makes sense (she is the LI for most of my characters and she mentioned how she never wants to return to Dromund Kaas), the Alliance troopers looking like black armored rep troopers makes sense, not being a murderous douche makes sense, and since you've never been in charge before the alliance, returning to your original faction doesn't feel so bad. So i am leaning towards a rep character...if it weren't for the baaaaad class stories (except Jedi knight and Smuggler) ARGS!!!!

3) Romance options...Girls are making things even more always While the JK does have a good story, Kira is absolutely irresistable! And since i can not resist Lana either i will be forced to dump one of them later, something i'ld hate to do! Not knowing if there will be any more LI content for any of the companions is making the decision even harder. I do have a similar problem with the smuggler and Risha. I enjoy the smugglers class story (so funny and casual) and the back and forth between him and Risha is propably the best vanilla romance next to Kira. So yeah...trouble at the homefront!!!

4) Playstyle and performance. I am doing fine with my infiltration shadow and ruffian scoundrel. The perfromance is ok and they are not that hard to control (i am just too dumb / simple minded / casual for overcomplicated rotations i guess ) In addition they are stealth classes which makes the innevitable grind fest way easier and i got used to skipping entire dungeons after work instead of fighting the same trash mobs over and over again before going to bed.

5) The future. It looks like we are moving back to our ship as player home with not just our old crew, but Lana and Theron on board as well (yeeehaa, i am loving it!!! ) And there is no better ship than the smugglers freighter. Which leads me to....

The smuggler. As mentioned before, i had a lot of fun with my ruffian. The class story is a wild space western, the crew is a lot of fun, the ship iconic, the class performance still very good, the grind easier, the class romance just awesome...aaannnnd that's the problem.
When the Alliance is getting demolished, i prefere to stay as independent as possible instead of being a rep / imp minion again. Choosing the smuggler would allow me to RP my character as the underworld legend again, picking jobs enrichting himself and his crew of misfits who reject their stupid war mongering old factions (Lana and Theron will fit into this type of independent bukaneer crew very well IMO) So...while my choice seems clear the one problem remains: Lana vs Risha!!! And now they'ld even be on the same ship! My captain would go crazy!

The most likely alternative seems a female shadow (good performance as DPS and tank + stealth), i would even get my most favorite character name by deleting / renaming one of my older characters. But the story is absolute garbage and the crew boring AF!!! Even the ship is boring and generic. And with the return to crew and ship this feels like a million levels down from the smuggler. Too bad i didn't find a free name for my male, human smuggler in days!!! ARGS!!! I hate it!

So what do you think, where is the story heading, which class / faction seems the most appealing overall and what would you do in my place or do you even have the same problem?

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09.08.2019 , 11:10 PM | #2
I couldn't decide, so I have a LOT of alts lol. My mains are a LS Sith Warrior who sided with the republic and married Vette, and a LS merc who stayed with the empire and married Mako. I also have a SW who was made specifically to romance LS Jaessa. But I also have a DS Inquisitor who married Lana and returned to the Empire. Hopefully he'll finally get to lead the Empire as emperor. I also have a merc, agent, and Inquisitor who are all light sided and allied with the republic.

On the Pub side, my smuggler stuck with Risha. Only one of the republic characters defected (a smuggler who was married to tha mando chick), and they all stayed with their class romances. I did make one Jedi knight (a start at 65 character) who was made to romance Lana.

So that's how I solved that issue. Lots of alts.... that way I figure I'm ready to see all the variations of the coming expansion story.
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09.09.2019 , 05:45 AM | #3
I like to RP my characters so I have many different alts that each have his or her own backstory, and most of them are on the Imp side. I just prefer the Empire. Some of those toons joined the Republic, though, because they were mostly Light Side and were just about done with Imperial cruelty. You could do the same.

You could play Sith assassin. You get stealth, one of the best stories in the game IMO, and the story makes sense if you play it Light Side. And if you play female (like my main toon), you can just ignore the Andronikus romance altogether or dump him afterwards, and romance Lana. If you play male, you will have to choose between Ashara and Lana, and if you play LS or gray, it's a bit more difficult choose. That choice shouldn't be that hard, though, since you barely speak to Ashara after the end of the class storyline.

If you insist on playing either Shadow or Ruffian, I would probably choose the Shadow. Then again, I acually enjoyed the Consular story, probably the most out of the Pub classes. If you really hate it, just skip through it quickly, and get to the expansions. Yeah, the crew is not the most interesting out of the lot, but you do get Holiday, so that's a bonus. And the class makes much more sense to be the Commander than the Ruffian. Honestly, I don't think the KotFE and KotET content really suits the non-Force sensitive classes... maybe the Agent and Trooper but even that's stretching it. The Consular, on the other hand, would have experience leading an Alliance of many different groups with different interests. Plus in the Consular story you defeat the Children of the Emperor, and as the Commander, you defeat his actual children. Poetic.

You can also come up with a really good backstory for him/her. Don't make decisions just based on Dark and Light. but his/her personality. This won't hurt your alignment, nowadays you get to Light V quickly, and then Light/Dark choices don't matter anymore.

For example I have a very pragmatic Shadow who isn't really bound by the Jedi code. She's very much morally gray, even though she is Light V. She makes her decisions based on what's best for the Republic and later the Alliance. She still has morals, though. That makes her the perfect LI for Lana. Two pragmatic women looking at problems from two side of the moral spectrum.

Whatever you choose, I hope you have fun playing the game.

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09.09.2019 , 07:22 AM | #4
If they ever bring this "saboteur" arc to fruition where we switch sides and defect, then I'd go Imperial Agent. Play it as a loyal and dutiful subject of the empire who sees the light and becomes a rebel. An Agent Kallus archetype.
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09.09.2019 , 09:19 AM | #5
1. It's always a matter of personal choice, and although I like the story aspect of the game, the "quality" of the story has never meant much to me. Also, I've also found the Imp side to be generally uglier looking than the Rep. And, I tend to lie between neutral and LS even on most of my Imp characters. So every new character I've made since my Marauder, has been Republic. I don't find the Imp companions to be any better or worse than Rep.
So, I basically disagree - the Rep side is better, once you grow past the idea of being the "bad boy" 😉
2. I don't know what to say. I'm not planning to start a new character for 6.0. My favourite classes de jeur are Guardian, Sentinel, and Gunslinger.
3. Although Kira hasn't returned in the story yet, you can get her from the terminal on Odessen. My Sentinel is married to Kira and my Guardian has Kira (and Nico) as the main companion(s). Both Kiras have been retrieved via the Odessen terminal.
4. See #2
5. I'm not likely to use my ship much anyway. I have a fully kitted out Stronghold, plus on some characters there's a Guild SH an Guild Starship to hang around. But it's a nice thing for those who want it.

Overall, I think the choice of class is both a very personal thing, and not of much importance. So do whatever floats your speeder.

I don't intend to start a fresh character for 6.0. At this time I'll just take my 2 Gunslingers, a Sentinel, a Guardian, and a Marauder through the new stuff. Oh, and possibly, 2 other crafters (Sage and Trooper) if they need it.
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09.09.2019 , 12:11 PM | #6
The things that make me consider a female shadow are:
1) No LI conflict at all (i hate the entire crew except Holiday)'ld just suck hard if a do every single quest (including exploration) and then get the infamous Lana bug (kinda happened to my male shadow, just without the exploration quests)
2) Easy gameplay with the option of switching to a tank later
3) I already saved a name i like
4) I am just getting into strongholds and i like the idea of turning my legacy stronghold on Coruscant into a full alliance embassy
5) As josschwarz already pointed out the consular as commander does make a lot of sense

The problem is that i realy, realy, reeeealy haaaaaaate the consular crew and i am afraid that, if the game moves away from the alliance and back to the crew thing, i end up stuck with people i'ld rather airlock into space than keep around. They are so dumb and so annoying, even the thought of wasting credits on companions gifts for them hurts me!
And while i see why the smuggler appears a weird choice as the commander, you might want to consider this (at least this is how i RPed my smuggler)
a) The smuggler is mostly independent, only caring for his ship, girls and cash (in this order)
b) He takes over the galactic underworld and is in control of a vast criminal network
c) Him being independent is what makes him acceptable as the leader of bipartisan operations
d) When Lana and Theron have to disappear during SoR, them turning to the smuggler to help them vanish and hide from the Republic / Empire seems very likely
e) While Zakuul crushed the rep / imp military, the galactic underworld is thriving. As former number 1 of the underworld, Lana and Theron could have used the smugglers old contacts and ressources as foundation for the alliance. Their price: "Get the boss back who made a bunch of pirates and misfits rich and influential, he is the only one they will follow"
f) Also i RP my smuggler as a former republican pilot during the first war, so he knows war and as a legendary smuggler he knows how to pick only the fights you can win. A good choice for a guerllia war that is mostly fought in space or the underworld.
g) During KOTET Bioware made sure that the player never faces the OP baddies alone. It prevents the "in no way is this random lowlife able to defeat Valkorion" argument.

The problem? As mentioned Risha vs Lana and building the planned embassy won't make much sense or at least feel wrong IMO. Damn...i can't decide what to do!!! Maybe i will pick a SIn is perfect in every way and i could build my embassy on Dromund Kaas. But i dont want to be forced into the murderous psychopath minion role after playing a well meaning tyrant / benevolent dictator character who wants to rule and reform mostly to end the conflict for the entire previous game!!!
I wish we would get options to broker local peace agreements or at least more chances to spare our enemies instead of either killing them or leaving them for Acinas bloodhound. Imagine the option to capture master Gnost-Dural and several of his followers, send them to the force enclave on Odessen and see them meditating there or even having some conversations with him over historic events and our personal motivation. He'ld continue his work on recording history and imperial LS characters could show that not all imperials are monsters. but no...we picked imp side so we have to be bad. No Thrawns allowed, only Palpatines and Vaders

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09.09.2019 , 09:54 PM | #7
The only ones I'm taking through are my male wannabe LS jugg tank, Female LS Gunnery Commando, and maybe DS healer op. In that order.

BW tends to write better stories for sith warriors, that was the case throughout SoR and even into kotfe/et. Jugg tanks are also pretty good for survivability and fairly enjoyable to play. My commando, meanwhile, betrayed the republic so I'm curious about the saboteur storyline there and gunnery commandos are just really easy to play. Finally, my op has flipflopped between republic and empire from day one, is patently untrustworthy, and stealthers are, as mentioned, easier for skipping unpleasant content. However, she's a healer, which helps for survivability but isn't all that fun to play.

In addition, I have over forty alts, but very few have made it to Iokath, and none besides the three I mentioned have made it to Ossus. So unless the story is a radical departure from previous expansions with maximum replayable value akin to the Rishi class missions....I'm not going to bother taking anyone else through it.
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09.10.2019 , 09:14 PM | #8
I find the smuggler as commander an irony only the force could pull off.

I luv smuggler, so choose that one...

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