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Quest issues: Loyalist Sweep

Meshla_Naast's Avatar

06.06.2019 , 10:25 AM | #1
I was trying to do the Loyalist Sweep missions on a couple of planets since 5.10.3 dropped. The mission itself is available, but I cannot get anything to come up for the scanner, even when I'm in the area the mission is labeled as being. So far, Taris and Balmorra seem to be affected, but it's likely all of the planets this mission is on. Could also affect the <Saboteur> missions as well, since they have the same general mechanic.
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Estelindis's Avatar

06.06.2019 , 04:43 PM | #2
I have noticed this for the loyalist sweep missions too.
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06.07.2019 , 01:09 AM | #3
Thirded. I tried to do Saboteur Spy Games on my Merc, scoured the entire Gorinth Canyon on Balmorra and Lake Brell on Taris. Nothing. No gold outlines to click to deploy the spy droids.
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Nmyownworld's Avatar

06.07.2019 , 11:39 AM | #4
The Loyalist Sweeps aren't working for me either since 5.10.3. I like those. Perfect for crafting while meandering.

Mostid's Avatar

09.12.2019 , 06:22 AM | #5
I didn't have anything pop up either while I was doing the Balmorra Heroics with the fast travel items. I also Quick Traveled to Gorinth, and ran around the area with nothing appearing. After completing the heroics on Balmorra, I decided to try one more thing. I went to Sobrik cantina (imp side) and then left Sobrik heading into Gorinth Canyons and that's when the temp scanner item appeared. So if you're having issues as well, try going to the main starting area to see if it triggers when you leave.