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Group Ranked – Wasted space?

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Group Ranked – Wasted space?

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09.20.2014 , 06:40 AM | #31
What I see is not only is it a format issue that u can chose only 4vs4 in GR there is also an issue with healer and tank and epically tank that is lacking everywhere, not only that but the low population and popularity of GR and attitude makes it even worse.

What I see is tank have such a huge role in arena, not only are they important, they have probably most of the difficult task out there and being good on that role in pvp and arena is not that easy as it seems. Now to think of how many do actually have it as a main character and looking in the competitive lvl, must be very few and as it been said in earlier post here that I agree on is there are people that probably can or are good at it but that’s not the class/ roll they want to play.

It is very unfortunate. Having a tank in arena give this game a nice rich in to it but might as well give the double edge sword that we have to relay/demanding having a tank in a group. That is how this game has been set up. It is good that a tank have important role in PvP, arena I think it is awesome but it comes to that no one really plays it, and there is not much ells we can do about it as its demanded.
Finding a healer in an arena team is not the issue here, it’s the tank been stuck in to having to 2dps and healer tank is basically what we have to work with and its nothing we can do about it, BioWare have decided that for us unless they change it.

In the end having different format in the game like 2s and 3s will make it even more chance to be more unbalance on classes and so on but at list this will make a alternative so we all not relaying on this tank issues.

Yes I do agree on this one: Having Practice Arena queue for Gr Will be next best step for this game as it will allow people to practice their tactic moves counter u name it without getting punished by practicing in live season this might be the key to increase more team queue later on when they got enough practice and feel confident to queue for the real thing I wish this will be implemented if possible in the future, it wlll be a huge boost.

That’s my thoughts so.

Anyway would like to see more thoughts about the issue and other ideas or something we all can agree on what it needs to be done to make Group Rank More popular once more.

Ps! Dont forget to rate the tread before u post if u are able so it will be more recognized by other peoples
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09.22.2014 , 08:54 AM | #32
Practice GR queue, 2v2, X-server. EAWare we all know you only care about money but plz halfwits look how many people went to wildstar for the arena formats and x-server despite the fact that the actual pvp system was terrible. 2v2 would be awesome, ****** class balance shouldn't even be too much of an issue considering how much individual skill would matter in that format. Practice 4v4 queue would mean a huge increase in teams forming. X-server would be the biggest single improvement to the game you could possibly make and probably eventually result in lots more people subbing and staying subbed but devs already said it's too much effort or something so this is a pointless sentence rly. Removing rewards from yolo ranked would probably mean less fotmers in the game in general but I'm not really that bothered either way since killing bad madness sins and veng jugs 1v1 with a merc in regs is pretty fun.

EDIT: also offtopic but on the offchance this gets read, a major issue in solo ranked is skank tanks stealing my rating, its the main reason i don't queue much on my op. this could be easily fixed by locking gear as soon as you enter the arena, since dps using tank stance without changing to tank gear just die. yw
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09.24.2014 , 11:16 AM | #33
It would be awesome if we could get some yellow response in here. Some sort of recognition.

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09.29.2014 , 04:53 PM | #34
You would think that the turnout would be different considering an argument like this thread ;

Quote: Originally Posted by Raansu View Post
Because pvp is a team based game. We should rename these threads "another example of pugs in unranked" or "pugs ruin my warzone experience."

Sadly people like you are majority so we have to deal with solo pugs who dont seem to realize this is an MMO and team based pvp and decide to be antisocial instead of doing what you're supposed to do in an MMO which is playing in groups. If anything the option to solo queue should disappear .

The real question is, why are you so opposed to playing in a group? Single player games are that way ----->
One can really wonder why this rule doesn't apply on Group Ranked?