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Command Tokens Good After Oct 22?

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Command Tokens Good After Oct 22?

Buellzebubba's Avatar

09.15.2019 , 02:48 AM | #1
Will we still be able to purchase items with command tokens after 6.0? If so, will we still be able to gain them, or will we just have what we have left?

Eoinol's Avatar

09.15.2019 , 02:52 AM | #2
Once it hits, the 0 tom 300 command system is going to end, so no, command tokens will disappear from the game, any you have will become credits.
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tuulem's Avatar

09.15.2019 , 03:04 AM | #3
On the PTS they appeared in my bags and were converting for 5 credits per token by selling them directly to a vendor, so decide if you want to spend them now or wait until later. However, the command boosts from the crates were converted to renown boosts, and stacked in my bags. Finally!

Disclaimer: This was the rate on the PTS a patch or two ago, it might not be the final conversion rate.

The_Wulff's Avatar

09.15.2019 , 03:50 AM | #4
There was a Dev post a while back about this. Spend them now. The devs have said that the tokens will have an intentionally low conversion rate to encourage people to use them before 6.0 hits. The best thing I can think of for use are buying CXP Boosts, they will convert into Renown boosts.

Buellzebubba's Avatar

09.15.2019 , 08:47 AM | #5
How about light & dark side tokens. I can't find anything to do with them anyways.

ceryxp's Avatar

09.15.2019 , 10:01 AM | #6
Eric stated recently, during the last stream IIRC, that they were still deciding on how command tokens would be converted and mentioned the possibility of them converting to tech fragments. As mentioned, currently on PTS they are converting to credits. If they do decide to convert them to tech frags the conversion will intentionally be low as they've stated that they don't want to give those with a large stockpile of old resources an advantage on day one.

I did purchase some command boosts since those will be converted to renown boosts, but I've also started buying 230 gear with the set bonus. For several of my characters their set bonus gear is in legacy shells as I acquired the gear on another character and then transferred it. With 6.0 set bonuses are being moved back to the armor shell. Some people have noted that when they transfer a character that has legacy gear with set bonus mods to the PTS they lose their set bonus. So I've started buying the 230 pieces I need with the set bonus and sticking them into storage. This way, when 6.0 drops if my character loses their set bonus I should be able to move my higher ilvl mods into the corresponding 230 piece and still retain the set bonus. Of course, that only matters until they hit lvl 75 and the set bonus goes away anyhow (the current set bonuses when transferred to PTS require lvl 50-74 to function).

Quote: Originally Posted by Buellzebubba View Post
How about light & dark side tokens. I can't find anything to do with them anyways.
Those don't appear to be going anywhere. Neither does there appear to be anything new to spend them on.
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JediQuaker's Avatar

09.15.2019 , 10:03 AM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by Buellzebubba View Post
How about light & dark side tokens. I can't find anything to do with them anyways.
There's a vendor on the fleet which gives items for LS/DS tokens. There's 2 actually, one sells items based upon your LS/DS alignment (out rim) and one sells items in exchange for tokens (inner ring).

I think the two vendors either already have been, or will after 6.0, be moved to the same general area/ (Where the token vendor is now)
I'm not sure what happens to the LS/DS tokens after 6.0 - it might be best to spend them now.
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Buellzebubba's Avatar

09.15.2019 , 12:09 PM | #8
So what will happen with command crates that are not yet turned in to your allies on Odessen?

PiiTarr's Avatar

09.16.2019 , 09:21 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by Buellzebubba View Post
So what will happen with command crates that are not yet turned in to your allies on Odessen?
It seems like you may be asking about the Locked Alliance Supply crates (received as rewards from completion of heroic missions), which are turned in to the Alliance Specialists on Odessen. They are not related to command crates in any way and there has been no mention of any changes to them.

phalczen's Avatar

09.16.2019 , 02:04 PM | #10
I have no idea what happened to the 3000 stack of Command tokens that were legacy bound that were in my currency tab based on the 9/13/19 PTS build.
Command tokens that were in my command stash converted to renown points at a 1:1 rate ... but the "tiers" in renown (for lack of a better term) are tens of thousands of points so a thousand or so command tokens in your stash is not worthwhile.

YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY spend your command tokens on Boosts before 6.0. Those boosts convert over to renown boosts and will stack post 6.0. There is no need to spend them on 230 gear or in the token gear exchange because all that gear will be obsolete, the set bonuses won't work at level 75, and wearing old gear so damages your character's item rating that all you will get is rating 270 gear forever. There may be an argument to buy some iokath recombinators if you need to make the reusable stims/medpacks/adrenals, since I'm not sure where you get them post 6.0 (I haven't checked the alliance vendors down by the traitor flashpoints or iokath).
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