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Hardmode bosses need mechanics not unfairness

Astarica's Avatar

05.08.2012 , 06:35 PM | #521
Soft enrage checks are dumb. If they don't actually kill you, it defeats the purpose of an enrage timer. Let us not forget that they exist to ensure you CANNOT win, so if you can overcome them then it obviously ddin't work as intended. If they do kill you, it's just a more complicated way to implement a hard enrage timer.

I remember they interviewed a dev for EQ1 about how there is this soft enrage timer that kicks in 30 minutes after a fight starts that basically ensures you will never be able to beat the raid and wipe about 2 hours later, and he said he figured it's better to give guild the illusion of hope then just death touching everyone even though no guild has ever beaten this encounter after the *soft* enrage triggered. This is probably also why EQ1 is now a F2P game. People hate enrage timers in some ways but people hate fighting some mechanics only to realize that the dev never intended them to win so they just lose 2 hours later after they thought they had a chance.

The one thing WoW gets right is that they never hide their intention with enrage. It might as well say "GAME OVER" when the timer hits. It might be a bad mechanism but you don't have any illusion about what you're supposed to do win. Should there be better ways to tune an encounter? Yeah, but nobody seems to be able to figure that out, so I'll take enrage timer for now until someone figures out something better.