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Too many lightning skills - simple rotation?

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Too many lightning skills - simple rotation?

Mashugana's Avatar

11.16.2019 , 07:42 AM | #1
Can you help me build a simple rotation for my lv 75 sorc? there are so many skills and talents i am lost. I really only need two things - i am not doing ops or end game. But it seems to take a while to burn down some Vet Flashpoint bosses and groups of strong opponents. Is there a better way for me that is not a crazy, optimized, adrenal fest?

I am a simple man

Single Target Rotation: for when i am running a Veteran Flashpoint or soloing a tough boss - what are the key skills to just rotate through to make sure I am helping my team and doing decent (but not adrenal crazy max) damage?

AOE: when i am soloing content and have several Strong bad guys - do you just spam lightning storm? or can i weave one or two things in to make things go a little faster?

Thanks all

TheGreyRanger's Avatar

11.16.2019 , 09:28 AM | #2
Try this, the utilities are a bit out of date, but the rotation/priority setup is still valid barring new set bonuses.

ottffsse's Avatar

11.16.2019 , 10:00 AM | #3
optimized L'ing rotations:

aoe: (using elemental convection tactical)
(pre cast galvanized cleanse - expunge before pull with masterful utility)

instant chain lightning -> lightning storm (one tick) / break channel->chain lightning->volt rush->chain lightning->volt rush

At this point everything should be more than dead / clean up large targets with single target priority at this point

note if you are bis and using force speed + polarity shift and recklessness before the rotation described above you can easily hit 40-45K dps on a group of mobs with be prepared to garner aggro.


single target priority system (bosses / big mobs) / use stormwatch tactical

(pre-cast galvanized cleanse with masterful utility)

(pre cast) force speed->(pre cast )chain lightning (if no galvanized cleanse utility used)->polarity shift-> force barrier-> adrenals + medpacs +buffs->affliction->recklessness->lightning flash->force speed->thundering blast->crushing darkness->shock ->chain lightning-> filler (lightning bolt) x3->repeat without affliction if you do not need to re-apply it / use thundering blast or lightning flash whatever comes first off of coooldown.

That is pretty much the priority system, there is more nuance to it though depending on situations and mobs as well as mechanics, stacking affliction on multiple targets and bosses etc.

Raid team leader etc will tell you if you should save your burst window + adrenals and buffs for certain phases etc.

With gathering storm set fixed force speed buff try to hit force speed before you cast thundering blast or lightning flash as those are your hardest hitting abilities.


alacrity breakpoints for L'ing translated from 5.x to 6.0:

1.4 gcd (with L'ing +5% stack bonus) - 192 (old) - 332 (new)

1.4 gcd static 702 (old) - 1213 (new)

1.3 gcd (with L'ing +5% stack bonus) - 1097 (old) - 1895 (new)

1.1 gcd under polarity shift (5% stack bonus + 20% mental alacrity/polarity shift) - 1229 (old) - 2123 (new)
ref Melisen / Sage Zrella / Sorc

Mashugana's Avatar

11.16.2019 , 02:11 PM | #4
Wow - great advice - thanks guys!