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Trooper or not really a Trooper

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Trooper or not really a Trooper

CrazyOldMystic's Avatar

12.09.2012 , 10:04 PM | #1
I like certain things about the vanguard, having played a commando to level 50, but other things just bug me. I love gut , its so cool seeing my trooper slice away at a target. I like the blaster rifle, along with other things. When I look at the trooper vanguard more then 70 percent of its abilities are close range attack, almost like the class is being treated like a melee. In the star wars films and shows, we see plenty of troopers punching, kicking, or knocking something senseless. We also see them attacking from range primarily. The vanguard is a you must get up to 10 meters at least to do max damage. To me thats not fun. Abilities like the riot stick, ion pulse, and pulse cannon dont even seem that star wars like to me. I know I would like to see the riot stick turned into a hammer shot variant. The ion pulse turned into a sniper like shot, but obviously not as powerful as a imp agent/sniper sniper shot. The pulse cannon turned into something like charged botls, or hail of bolts. Maybe with a animation change. If 30 meters is too far make something like 20 to 25 meters. Atleast this way it will look and feel more trooper like.

Anyone else think this is a good/bad idea? Or just leave it the way it is? Just wondering if I was the only vanguard out there bothered by this must be at 10 meters to do max damage.

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12.10.2012 , 11:18 AM | #2
Vanguard is the melee trooper and commando is the ranged trooper.

It certainly would be fun if we had more ranged, but BW disagrees as they showed when they did some range nerfing to Assault spec.
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12.10.2012 , 03:15 PM | #3
I agree we need more ranged attacks. I want a 3 second channled ability that does 1750-1900 damage that allows you to run at 1/2 speed of normal speed throughout the durration from 25 meters away.
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Shinybum's Avatar

12.10.2012 , 03:40 PM | #4
Vanguards are, to me anyway, very much the definition of a "Stormtrooper." They're the guys who overrun your position, smashing everything in their path. They take ground by hitting hard and fast, then moving on to the next point quickly, and they're well-protected to make sure you haven't got much chance of stopping them in a hurry. The Commandos are behind them, keeping your heads down, softening you up and shredding anyone brave enough to expose themselves to fire back, but the first man into your trench is going to be a Vanguard, and he's very likely the last thing you'll ever see.

And I really enjoy the playstyle. There's a pleasingly visceral quality to it that makes melee a lot more fun than run-of-the-mill glowbat-waving. While there's a place to be argued for long-range marksmanship, it's not necessarily in the hands of the guy kicking down your door.

CrazyOldMystic's Avatar

12.10.2012 , 10:39 PM | #5
Dont get me wrong I enjoy that charge the position, and dare the world to stop me style, but when I see most of my abilities firing a electric like pulse I dont enjoy the class as much. I would like to see vanguard go range, but if it must remain close range. Why dont they use a blaster bolt instead of a electric like pulse. I hardly use those abilities if I can help it, because I do not like them. Then again i am just one player.

Shinybum's Avatar

12.11.2012 , 07:55 AM | #6
I see your point. It would be nice, now you mention it, to see something more like the Sniper's ability Suppressive Fire, but I wonder how they could make that work with elemental damage (I'd rather not have it switched to kinetic) . A short-range "Spray and Pray" sort of animation would look a fair bit cooler than the current Pulse Cannon effect, variously known as "The Ghostbusters" or "The Fire Hose" among my usual group.

This does lead to a choice line, though: "It lies down dead or it gets the hose again!" is almost as much fun as hearing the Jedi cry "Troopergram!" every time I open up with Mortar Volley.

CrazyOldMystic's Avatar

12.11.2012 , 11:06 PM | #7
Its a thought, I just would like to see something, more blaster oriented. Meaning something more star wars.