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12.13.2011 , 11:02 AM | #1

A lot of you already know this but it appears that their is even more that dont after reading all the various posts concerning early access and servers

So i recommend doing the following


1) can track updates on facebook.

2) can track updates on twitter.

3) Here on the swtor forums. everyone can easily check for Dev update posts in various threads in the main developer tracker forum section. Found here.

About early Access.

They are allowing access in waves so they can keep the servers heavily populated. they dont want to just flood the entire system and crash it like what happened in other previous MMO's, and yes I can name a few other games that crashed on opening day. So please be patient.

the server list is not complete yet. 1 of the devs posted that they will be adding more servers as the servers get heavily populated. So please relax.

on a side NOTE: Ive seen many posts in various threads about their early access.

1) when you created your account AND placed your order. you should have gotten a Pre-Order code via email almost immediately when you placed your pre-order. You should have entered this into your account. Every Email i have received so far concerning Swtor had an option to either click a link in the email and it takes you straight to the account after a login prompt shows up OR you can manually come to the swtor sight, log in and copy past the pr-order code in via manually or copy paste method from the email
NOTE: this is ONLY the pre-order code. NOT The code that gets you early access.

2) The early access is being done by when you placed your pre-order. NOT by what you pre-ordered. You will be getting another email sometime between today and dec 19th. This is the email you will want so you can finish setting up you're account. So Even tho we all know we all want to get in on the first day of early access. Again, please be patient.

3) Concerning twitter update.
Even tho twitter says wave 3 has been sent out with 1 more to go. I would recommend not believing it. Because their is a post by a dev in the developer tracker section that says they will be continuing all day. so I dont think it will stop at 4 waves unless it is posted here on the forum by a DEV.

Thank you and I see everyone in game.

NOT Employee just a star wars fan.
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