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Mach 5 Massacre - In-Depth Marauder Guide

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Mach 5 Massacre - In-Depth Marauder Guide

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12.21.2013 , 06:38 AM | #561
Quote: Originally Posted by Fadmotherbucker View Post
Can somebody verify that Carnage stat priorities are still the same? I'd like to make sure before I start min/maxing.

Accuracy 108%
Crit/Surge 30%, then stack power.
It's not the same, if you follow those priorities you won't do a lot of DPS.
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12.21.2013 , 07:36 AM | #562
STOP POSTING IN THIS DEAD THREAD! There are other carnage guides out there with relevant information. Stop bringing this to the top of the forum and presenting people with the possibility of misinformation!
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12.25.2013 , 08:41 AM | #563
Well how about you link us to those thread(s) instead of complaining, because I don't see any.