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Prices more in line with "value" and sellable dupes

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Prices more in line with "value" and sellable dupes

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02.05.2013 , 06:03 PM | #1
How about a general reduction in pricing on items. Cartel packs are actually pretty reasonably priced but things like the insanely overpriced "life day" packs just weren't worth the effort or the real world money. Drop the prices and make more money off volume. I could see spending 500 coins for the life day cosmetic stuff, not 2400.

The other suggestion I have is for the packs. Please allow us to sell or trade in for something else the cartel items like banners, dancer's outfits, revan's robes, etc that anybody that purchases from the market on a regular basis ends up with a ton of that have no value and would normally just be destroyed by the players because they already have 10 copies of the same item and a finite bag space. How about making some of the more cosmetic items stackable so we don't have to waste 50 bank slots for 10 banners, 20 of the same speeder and 20 dancer's outfits.

Also, how many ciridium or color crystals that nobody uses to craft do we really need? Please make materials worth something, not drop the market out from existing materials by oversupplying them.
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