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HELP changing clothes

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07.17.2019 , 01:29 AM | #1
I cannot work out how to buy/change clothes.
OK I have clothes in 'collections' and I can look at the "preview" how I look in them . But how do I get them onto my body in real. I can put them on as preview but cannot move them.
I also purchased another slot for clothes, like there is 1, 2 etc but after I purchased an extra one it does not say 3
And since I have already clothes in 'collection' which a lit up where all the pictures are, how come cannot I wear them

I am scared to buy stuff and then maybe all I get is to look at the pictures of it forever!

It is so badly explained, and also in walkthroughs and other explanations it kind of talks of 'dragging' it etc but allt hat does not work.

Ok so I am stupid but I think it is stupid that it is not properly explained. It just says buy buy buy thanks a lot I spent a lot of money already and still cannot wear the clothes!!!

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07.17.2019 , 02:49 AM | #2
In your Collections, you can see what you have available to use and what you can potentially buy. Using the drop down menu at the top, you can filter it to show everything, collected or uncollected.

The items and sets that you've collected will be lit up, or have brighter images (however people want to describe it), and these items can be in one of three states. Unlocked for your current character, unlocked for another character, or fully unlocked for your account.

You should see one or two small squares on the bottom left of the picture of the set you are looking at if you've bought it. There will always be one with an open box and two arrows, and sometimes one with the Cartel Coin symbol and an upwards pointing arrow. The second box means it can only be claimed by one character and will need to be unlocked for account-wide use.

Here are two pics so you can see what I'm talking about:

To transfer a set to your inventory click on the box icon. This will dump the whole set into you inventory, providing you have enough free spots to receive it all. From there, you can drag the items you want to use as an outfit to your designer slots.

You have to equip the entire set on a single character to unlock that set in your collection (can put it on a comp as well, that also works), and you will need to use more Cartel Coins to unlock the set/item for use over all your characters. The unlock costs vary depending on the quality of the item, gold/platinum items are usually 400CC, silver are 240CC and bronze are 60CC (There are some exceptions, older gold items can cost much less to unlock and the toys are a bit wonky with their unlock costs too). Tunings cost 600CC.

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07.17.2019 , 02:59 AM | #3
Double posted, somehow

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07.18.2019 , 05:21 AM | #4
Watch out also for the other symbol you'll sometimes see in the Collections panel. It has a Cartel Coin symbol (like the one on the "account-unlock" button shown above) but with a curled arrow beside it. If you click that one, it takes you to the Cartel Market page for that item, where you can buy a copy. It only appears for items and sets that are currently available in the market.

And the account-unlock button works the same if you are on a character that has already character-unlocked the item or set as it does on a character who has not.
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07.18.2019 , 10:41 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Protoaloe View Post
I have clothes in 'collections' and I can look at the "preview" how I look in them . But how do I get them onto my body in real. I can put them on as preview but cannot move them. !
In addition to what's been said above, once you "claim" an outfit/item from collections, it goes into your Inventory. From there, you can drag it onto your character panel (for armor) or wherever you want. "Dragging" is just like in Windows, you put the cursor over the item, press and hold the left mouse button, and then "drag" the item to where you want. (In some cases the item will "stick" to the cursor even if you let go of the mouse button - then you just click again to drop it.)
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