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Can't Complete mcr-100 pet

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Can't Complete mcr-100 pet

Penny_Vanessa's Avatar

07.14.2019 , 07:14 PM | #1
I already have the achievement and to my knowledge gone through all area I can with my republic character (Maybourne)

I was hoping if cm might be able to tell me if there is way to check if I missed one within the game aside from actually going through them all again. I read that the quest might bug out at times.

Best Regards

ceryxp's Avatar

07.14.2019 , 07:49 PM | #2
Check out this post on the EA Answers forum. It might help you.
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Penny_Vanessa's Avatar

07.15.2019 , 04:19 AM | #3
I did exactly that to my knowledge

I followed dulfy's guide and tracked each planets legacy achievement for droids as I went through them. I finished with imperial taris on a imp character and got the achievement there. Maybe that bugged it out since I did most on the republic character.

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

07.15.2019 , 05:16 AM | #4
As far as I know, the pet is a per-character thing, so each character must find all of the ones his faction can find.
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Penny_Vanessa's Avatar

07.15.2019 , 08:49 AM | #5
Did all on my republic character except: Dromund Kaas, Korriban, Hutta, Taris (imperial), Balmorra (imperial)

I can't travel to Kaas/Korriban/Hutta as republic character as far as I know.