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one time password

Enzowan's Avatar

02.27.2021 , 12:28 PM | #1
I have been trying to remove the security key for several weeks without results because the one time password has not arrived, the problem is that it is my daughter's account and she has not been able to play with her account because she has not been able to enter Although it is prefered, I do not think they should pay them that way because "I am paying" my mesuality month by month since the game came out, my daughter's account is (if they ever intend to solve it) "lisateresa"

hof_th's Avatar

02.28.2021 , 04:51 AM | #2
As I've told you before, check the Spam folders of the Email-account asssociated with your daughters SWTOR-Account.

If you don't have access tho that Email-account any more, for whatever reason, no one here can help you, you need to call support (Relavant Page on EA Help), you (provided that your daughter is a minor over 13) or your daughter will have to prove ownership of the Account (Security Questions) before Support can help you.

I'm aware that the call support topic is listed on the Subscriber part of EAs Homepage but since you need to prove ownership to remove a security feature, this is the only way to do it if the automated process fails.

Once you get Access to the Account take care of the Email settings, you will need another onetime password either to setup a new security key or to log into the game.

JediQuaker's Avatar

03.07.2021 , 08:46 AM | #3
Not to be condescending or whatever, but there has been 'history' so to speak:

Are you checking the e-mail account that is actually associated with your daughter's SWTOR account? Not your e-mail or some other account your daughter has?

(Again, sorry, but there is a history of similar things in the past.) 🤔
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