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Which Tanks and DPS are the best as of 5.3?

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Which Tanks and DPS are the best as of 5.3?

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09.20.2017 , 10:23 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by MuskyBoy View Post
People choosing AP>pyro isn't always a L2P issue. While I agree learning pyro is useful, I rarely play the spec purely because pyro doesn't have AOE damage reduction. And as for making the class more "fun" that really is a subjective notion as I personally do not find dropping 11 fillers in a 30 second rotation as "fun".
Well, I've only one issue about this topic, it's that peoples seems to think that peoples have to choose a single spec. Honestly, this doesn't work like this on some fights. As an example, Deception Assassins are really good when it comes to burst-demanding fights, with rapid moves and opponent with high HP. Still, you'd want to respec hatred on some fight like Corruptor Zero, because it is simply more effective. It may be just my opinion, but a good PT player is someone that can do good on -at best- every spec of PT or at least the two dps one (or master the tank one and a dps one). The same goes for Marauders, Snipers and almost every class of the game (merc being an exception imo, I don't see where I.O. can be better than Arsenal, but maybe it's because I don't play merc ).

In short, there isn't a "better spec" between AP and Pyro, because both are for different use. The only thing that you could argue here is what is the "best" tank spec or healing spec... Or which class can perform well with the current meta. We've reached a point where spec don't really compete with each others, because they're made for different fights.

Still, I can agree that some may prefer a specific playstyle given by a certain spec. But saying that a specific spec is better than the other in general, because of personnal taste, isn't the truth.
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