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Best "Lore" Race for a class?

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Best "Lore" Race for a class?

Labrynthina's Avatar

07.02.2017 , 09:12 AM | #161
I was just thinking about this recently. I was wondering if I could try to match all the original playable races one per class, assuming human and cyborg as the same race and ignoring the later additions of cathar and togruta. What I came up with was... not especially deeply thought out in many cases (Mirialan in particular), but still "felt" right.

Jedi Knight - Human/Cyborg: The class story feels most like a "classic" jedi quest so I felt human was most appropriate.
Jedi Consular - Miraluka: The seeing-through-the-Force seems to lend to the jedi scholar/diplomat angle.
Smuggler - Twi'lek: It's the attitude.
Trooper - Mirialan: At this point I'd used up all the other Republic classes.

Sith Warrior - Sith Pureblood: Because I can't see this race being any other class (except inquisitor, but the backstory gets in the way).
Sith Inquisitor - Zabrak: Darth Maul, anyone?
Imperial Agent - Chiss: Seems to fit the personality of the chiss. Also would be fun to have a male chiss IA romance Raina Temple.
Bounty Hunter - Rattataki: Warlike and don't like authority. Perfect for a BH!

Mind you, of my original cast of characters only my cyborg JK really followed this. And, as many have pointed out, humans really fit every class.

LeelaSeventen's Avatar

07.02.2017 , 09:30 AM | #162
I am not a big lore follower or at least I am not going to be one who will stick to it. I personally would think a server full of Twi'leks wouold be fun or a server full of chiss would be cool. Besides it is a game and playing human for every class would be kind of boring in my opinion. I also wouldn't mind seeing the storyline through each alien to see what the difference is.

I did do a chiss female agent and that felt very proper to me for some reason. OH and the pureblood seemed pretty neat as a warrior.

I think you could almost do any alien for both Jedi class (i can't see them saying no to a chiss or a pureblood child). Now an adult I would say they would be leary but I can't see them being overlly racist. I think I have seen almost every alien as a jedi so far in the game. Then again if you watched some of the movies, you have to wonder about their ability to see a sith who is basically standing in front of them.

Smuggler and BH could fit any alien. That would be probably the easiest to role play because you can just have them grow up in that environment. Or they just want to be part of the culture (mandelorian)

The insquistor I would say any of the aliens because I can't imagine the empire being picky when it comes to slaves.

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07.06.2017 , 09:37 PM | #163
I won't be using humans because, as it's been stated, they work for everything.
Knight - Zabrak guardian, mirialan sentinel
Consular - Mirialan shadow, miralukan sage
Trooper - Zabrak or cyborg (why arent cybernetics a customization option for all species?)works for either
Smuggler - my personal opinion is Mirialan, because he is my most played, but twi'lek is a good fit here.

Warrior - sith pure blood is really the only thing that fits the backstory (aside from human).
Inquisitor - honestly a toss up, as nearly every species could potentially fit the class story. For arguments sake, I'll go with either twi lek, togruta, or cathar.
Bounty Hunter - rattataki for powertech, cyborg for mercenary
Agent - chiss. Nothing else really feels right. No offense to my mirialan operative meant.

BlueWanderer's Avatar

07.12.2017 , 02:28 PM | #164
Actually, using SWToR lore, Rakata is the only race suitable for force sensitive classes....

Severith's Avatar

07.13.2017 , 12:35 PM | #165
Almost everyone says Chiss for Imp agent. Thing is, for a secret agent, it's literally the worst.

"I think someone here is an Imperial spy."

Everyone looks at the Chiss.

KiwiMadness's Avatar

10.07.2017 , 01:00 AM | #166
Here is my opinion which seem to me like they would fit (not based entirely on lore) and I tried to include all of the species in there as well.

Jedi Knight - Human or Twi'lek
Jedi Consular - Miralukan or Togruta
Trooper - Zabrak (light), Mirialan or Human
Smuggler - Human or Twi'lek

Sith Warrior - Sith Pureblood
Sith Inquisitor - Human or Zabrak (dark)
Bounty Hunter - Cyborg, Cathar or Rattataki
Imperial Agent - Chiss

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10.07.2017 , 01:48 AM | #167
Quote: Originally Posted by TKMaster View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Noobishlord View Post
I saw this on the GameFAQs Board, and thought I'd bring it over here. So, in your honest opinion, which BASE race do you think fits the class the best?

Jedi Knight - Human ("Basic" Class, "Basic" Race)
Jedi Consular - Miralukan (Force seeing race)
Trooper - Zabrak (Tough, stubborn, resilient race, perfect trooper material)
Smuggler - Human (Han Solo, eat your heart out.)

Sith Warrior - Sith Pureblood (Any explanation needed here?)
Sith Inquisitor - Human (A human planet taken over is quite logical. A lot of in-game slaves are human.)
Bounty Hunter - Cyborg (Something about a cybernetically enhanced human just makes sense.)
Imperial Agent - Chiss (They just seem to fit the class and story the best.)

Your turn now. Feel free to disagree with me. This is a PERSONAL choice, after all.
Spot on except for SI, i thin Rattataki is more fitting.
I agree with the change to SI and a raise you one Smuggler Twi'lek...Twi'leks always seem to fall in with the wrong crowd...

Cuiwe's Avatar

10.09.2017 , 09:05 AM | #168
I'll try doing this WITHOUT human option:

Knight: Mirialan would be nice
Consular: Miraluka for Sage, Mirialan for Shadow
Trooper: Zabrak
Smuggler: Twi'lek

Warrior: Pureblood
Inquisitor: Twi'lek
Bounty Hunter: Zabrak
Agent: Human(I can't, everything else is too obvious for a spy)

Knight: Miri because I often see them as this traditionalistic society built around Force. Swords fit nicely here.
Consular: Miris for Shadow because of the above reason and Sage and Mira are rather obvious match.
Trooper: Zabraks, proud, loyal, honorable and wondrous with technology. Perfect fit for a Trooper
Smuggler: If we discount Human, the best fit. Just look at that attitude!

Warrior: Yeah, right, besides Human(and Cyborg as an extension) and Pureblood, nothing else really fits
Inquisitor: The premiere slave race of the galaxy! Of course, Twi'lek.
Bounty Hunter: The same reason as a Trooper.
Agent: You mustn't fit out of the picture. You mustn't raise eyebrows. Hence...Human. I think that even a Cyborg would be pushing it too far. Chiss? Lol no. One of the most obvious(physically) yet mysterious races in the galaxy. Not suspicious at all, no where would it be?
"I am not in this for politics, nor the wanton destruction, hell not even for credits. I have chosen this way of life because of the hunt and because it was pushed onto me on some ugly slimeball called a "pearl" and Honour bound me to this path ever onwards" Caelestinus

Pain-'s Avatar

10.10.2017 , 12:06 PM | #169
To me they are as follows

Jedi Knight - Human
Jedi Consular - Miralukan
Trooper - Zabrak, Cathar
Smuggler - Human, Mirialan

Sith Warrior - Sith Pureblood
Sith Inquisitor - Rattataki, Twilek, Zabrak
Bounty Hunter - Rattataki, Zabrak, or Cyborg
Imperial Agent - Chiss, Cyborg

Pain-'s Avatar

10.10.2017 , 12:07 PM | #170
Quote: Originally Posted by Severith View Post
Almost everyone says Chiss for Imp agent. Thing is, for a secret agent, it's literally the worst.

"I think someone here is an Imperial spy."

Everyone looks at the Chiss.
HAhahahahahah too true