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Best "Lore" Race for a class?

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Best "Lore" Race for a class?

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01.09.2017 , 07:08 AM | #151
Quote: Originally Posted by Aeneas_Falco View Post
Most classes have multiple races that fit equally, but there are some that don't mesh well at all with a particular class.

Anything except Human or Sith Pureblood for the Sith Warrior doesn't make sense for instance, because the Sith Warrior's background is of being born into the Sith Empire's force using aristocracy. The widespread recruitment of aliens other than Sith Purebloods is a recent development tied to thousands of Sith having been killed in the last war with the Republic & Jedi.

Despite their popularity Chiss also do not make sense for an Imperial Agent. Chiss are rarely seen outside of their home territories and the Chiss Ascendancy is allied with the Sith Empire. As such Chiss would make extremely poor candidates for secret agents, because they'd stand out like sore thumbs and would immediately fall under Republic suspicion. Sith Purebloods also don't work as Agents for similar reasons.

Since they are blind Miraluka don't work for any class that uses firearms; Troopers, Bounty Hunters, Smugglers, & Agents.
That shuts down a lot of roleplay possibilities, don't you think?

1) No one said the Sith Warrior was a legitimate child through a mutually politically advantageous marriage. *innocent whistle* They could be the product of an eccentric Sith Lord who married an alien against custom, or the product of a pedigree Sith Lord with a mistress or concubine or slave, or something.

I personally like to headcanon that my alien Sith Warrior was born from a powerful, pedigree Sith Lord and his alien slave, and was ignored for the first few years of life until his legitimate child (that he and his wife just barely produced) was killed on Korriban and the Empire started loosening their anti-alien laws on account of the last war with the Republic. She was then officially "adopted" by her father into his family and treated as a legitimate heir rather than a mixed alien bastard. (Of course, this was because the Sith Lord had trouble producing other suitable children to carry on the last traces of his precious ancient bloodline, and he saw the opportunity to use his extremely gifted spawn as a pawn to gain his family more prestige and power.)

2) The official lore disagrees with you. Character-wise, the Chiss are naturally very secretive, cunning, and pragmatic; a "highly intelligent species, valuing a knack for strategy and subterfuge over brute force." Perfect agent material. It's also established that "A few rare Chiss have even achieved official rank in the Imperial military and Imperial Intelligence. Also, "To the Republic, the Chiss continue to be a complete mystery and the speciesí very existence is unknown except in high level political and military circles."

Sure, we the player know what the Chiss are and what their relationship to the Empire is, but in-universe that's not widely known. Most casual Republics and Exchange and Hutts and whatnot don't see a Chiss and go, "OMG! The Empire's one alien ally! ZOOM IN!!" Most of the time they'll assume it's just another alien species they haven't seen before, or assume the Chiss is with or recently left the Ascendancy; or at most they wouldn't think an alien would be spying for the Empire given how xenophobic and human supremacist the Empire is.

3) In the first Star Wars movie, Luke uses the Force to fire a lucky shot into an extremely hard-to-hit target that his force-blind comrades couldn't hit with their own two eyes and aiming technology. Mirakula could theoretically use their "Force sight" to aim firearms rather than lightsabre strikes. It's improbable, but not impossible.

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04.22.2017 , 04:21 PM | #152
Quote: Originally Posted by Noobishlord View Post
I saw this on the GameFAQs Board, and thought I'd bring it over here. So, in your honest opinion, which BASE race do you think fits the class the best?

Jedi Knight - Human ("Basic" Class, "Basic" Race)
Jedi Consular - Miralukan (Force seeing race)
Trooper - Zabrak (Tough, stubborn, resilient race, perfect trooper material)
Smuggler - Human (Han Solo, eat your heart out.)

Sith Warrior - Sith Pureblood (Any explanation needed here?)
Sith Inquisitor - Human (A human planet taken over is quite logical. A lot of in-game slaves are human.)
Bounty Hunter - Cyborg (Something about a cybernetically enhanced human just makes sense.)
Imperial Agent - Chiss (They just seem to fit the class and story the best.)

Your turn now. Feel free to disagree with me. This is a PERSONAL choice, after all.
Personally, I believe For Sith Inquisitor Twi'lik as they're normally enslaved the most.

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04.23.2017 , 10:45 AM | #153
Sith warrior being Human or cyborg makes more sense to me, while the dialog ive seen for inquisitor makes much more sense with a pureblood.
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05.04.2017 , 12:33 AM | #154
Knight - Logically, any race apart from Pureblood, since they're inherently Dark side (and Imperial), and Chiss, since they're inherently Imperial. Tacky Rats (sorry, Rattataki) and Dathomirian (Imperial Zabrak) get negative points, though, for their more aggressive nature. Doesn't fit being Jedi very well.
Consular - Again, any race, though not Pureblood, Chiss, Dathomirian, and Rattataki. Consular is the "ideal" Jedi, in my mind, and those races are too aggressive. Also, see above re: Pureblood and Chiss.
Trooper - Any but Pureblood/Chiss (see above), and Miraluka. The primary military force of the Republic would likely look past the aggressiveness of the Rattataki and Dathomirian, but there would be excessive suspicion over a Pureblood or Chiss being a spy or saboteur (just look at what Elara has gone through, and she's human!), and consistent doubt over the "visual" abilities of a Miralukan that isn't a Jedi.
Smuggler - Any except Pureblood. I think the suspicion over Purebloods is more than suspicion over the Chiss. So a Chiss Smuggler would be suspicious, while a Pureblood would be alarming. Though I feel Human, Cyborg, and Mirialian get bonus points here. The Mirialian just because (to me), they look like the type that would slide into smuggling.

Warrior - Pureblood for sure, though Rattataki and Dathomirian are close behind. Human and Cyborg come in third. All other races need not apply.
Inquisitor - Any alien apart from Pureblood, and Human. Cyborg is acceptable if you're looking at later in the character's life, as a slave wouldn't get the benefit of replacements. They'd just be thrown in the garbage like a broken tool. Cyborg, as I said, later in life, when the character is no longer a slave, maybe not even an Apprentice.
[U]Hunter[/U ]- Anything. You're out there to make money, and as long as you can get the job done, who cares what you look like. Just look at Dengar. He was fat and had no fashion sense, yet Vader included him in the meeting.
Agent - Human, Chiss, or Cyborg, ideally. Though exceptions can be made for aliens, if taken as newborns and "trained" in the ways of the Empire. They could possibly blend in better in places a Chiss or Human would stand out.

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05.08.2017 , 12:35 PM | #155
If you put new canon into the mix, Sith Warrior makes sense with pure-blood, human, and Twi'lek. Twi'leks can now breed with humans, and purebloods are just human with enough Sith dna to turn red. You can roleplay that your daddy was a sith pureblood and your mommy was a Twi'lek that was a Sith Lord, and they had you, a half pureblood/half twi'lek baby.
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05.23.2017 , 01:58 PM | #156
Haven't read past pg 3, but here's mine:
  • Sith Warrior: Human or Pureblood
  • Sith Inquisitor: Any non-human, I don't know why but it just pulls me in more when the former slave isn't human.
  • Imperial Agent: Don't really play agent much, but I'd say Chiss or human/cyborg
  • Bounty Hunter: Chiss or Cyborg

  • Trooper: Human or Zabrak
  • Smuggler: Twi'lek or Mirialan
  • Jedi Knight: Don't know why, but Twi'lek
  • Jedi Consular: Miraluka

If we're including Cathar, Togruta, and Species Unlocks, then things change a bit. Cathar non-mando BH FTW! My favorite RP moments were playing a Sith Pureblood Trooper or a Twi'lek BH.
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06.07.2017 , 11:09 AM | #157
The unintuitive choice is also fun. I enjoyed my twilek male inquisitor. Revenge is as good as a fuel for a little sadism like any other. But than I have mostly human toons. Even my cyborg BH is rather an augmented human than machine. I like that head presets have a couple of racial choices. I chose an asian headtype and a stocky/fattish bodytype for my benevolent consular, with a shaved head and a slight scar across his left cheek. I think it suggests a once vigourously martial but now arrived to wisdom monk archetype. I chose of course long robes, and no headpiece. He is a healer. :-) Also I have a normal bodytype male human Sentinel with a flat round face, slightly cut brown eyes, suggesting a turanian/hunnish ancestry, with a high shaved forehead and a ponytail. He is what would you call a ronin type but still light side character. Than there is my vanguard tank who has a youngishly handsome male face, all shaven and with a crosshair tattoo on his left side face but he really never uses these traits cos he even sleeps with his helmet on. His helmet, one that echoes the Endor imp troopers headgear, is his face now. Yup. I find great satisfaction in these virtual children and their inevitable loss once the servers close, or I leave for good, will be mourned.

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06.13.2017 , 05:42 PM | #158
- Sith Warrior: Human or Pureblood, either fit but my personal preference goes to Pureblood, especially female Warrior is very cool as a concept.
- Sith Inquisitor: Any species actually, even Sith Pureblood could fit this as Charles Boyd recently even recognised and admitted they could be made into slaves. I do prefer an alien species, currently playing a Cathar Sith Inquisitor.
- Imperial Agent: Human or Chiss, as the latter seems to be specifically crafted for this class although I play the former myself. I like to think that my Agent is a dutiful Imperial who will do anything to protect and safeguard it. He could have had a proud Imperial military heritage running through his bloodline.
- Bounty Hunter: Twi'lek, Human, Zabrak, I think any species would do with this class except Chiss, I simply can't see a Chiss with their rigid culture and society going Bounty Hunter and later Mandalorian. There are exceptions to the rule, aye, but I personally don't see a Chiss fitting this class. My personal favourite is a female Twi'lek, feels good to not be helpless and humiliated but charming, deadly and in charge.

- Jedi Knight: Human, Miraluka, Mirialan, I think these three are the best for a Jedi Knight. I personally find the Miraluka fitting this class the most and play a male Miraluka Guardian. I absolutely adore him and find the voice very fitting with the species.
- Jedi Consular: Togruta, Mirialan, Human, Twi'lek, Cathar, basically all species except Sith Pureblood, Chiss and Rattataki fit here. I personally prefer female Togruta most, the voice simply just clicks with the species immediately much like with the Miraluka Jedi Knight for me.
- Smuggler: Zabrak, Mirialan, Human, Twi'lek, these I find the best for this class. I like a female Twi'lek for Smuggler a lot as it again shows a strong independent character, but I think a Mirialan male will be my favourite, inspired a bit off Hylo Visz here.
- Trooper: Mirialan, Human, Zabrak, Cathar, these seem most likely to me to be loyal Republic soldiers willing to do anything to keep the citizens of the Republic safe. I like to make a female Cathar so I can romance our cute grumpy-head Jorgan, but Mirialan bodytype 3 is a cool concept as well.
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06.15.2017 , 09:34 PM | #159
Smuggler: Just about anything works here, though I figure Pureblood would probably raise some eyebrows. My Smugglers are a human, a Twi'lek, and a Chiss.

Inquisitor: Pureblood doesn't make complete sense, but there's a thread somewhere on the Story and Lore forum with a few good backstory explanations. My inquisitors are a human and two Twi'leks. Aliens get some unique dialogue, so they probably make a bit more sense than human or cyborg, but if you go to Korriban or DK, there are plenty of human slaves around, too.

Knight: Just about anything except Chiss or Pureblood. Anybody can be a Jedi, but Chiss and Purebloods are mainly living in Empire space. It wouldn't be a total lorebuster to have one become a Jedi (Praven), but it's going to be really weird when nobody brings it up in-story. My Knights are a human, a Twi'lek, and a Miralukan.

Agent: Probably human or cyborg. Miralukans would actually make excellent Agents, because their Force vision is as precise as normal vision, and doesn't require a direct line of sight to function (letting them shoot through an enemy's cover or notice when someone's sneaking up on them). Chiss might have the right skill set, but they'd stick out like a sore thumb, even if they wouldn't be directly recognized as Imperial-aligned. Toss-up on that one. My Agents are a human, a cyborg, and a Chiss.

Trooper: I think Cathar works pretty well here. They're Republic-aligned and a warrior culture, but for Femshe- I mean, female Troopers, it makes the Jorgan romance kind of weird. Again, just about anything can work, but Pureblood and Chiss require some backstory shenanigans. My Troopers are a Cathar, a Mirialan, and a cyborg.

Bounty Hunter: Anything, basically. Chiss is a little suspect, since it's kind of weird for them to be out of the Ascendancy, and we run into similar issues with a Pureblood who's not (formally) part of the Empire. Still, it's not that big of a deal. My Bounty Hunters are two humans and a Chiss.

Consular: I mean, there are some species that just wouldn't feel right for a Consular, like Zabrak, Cyborg, or Rattataki, but lore-wise, there wouldn't be much difference between a Consular and a Knight other than skill set. My Consulars are two humans and a Twi'lek.

Warrior: Probably human, cyborg, or Pureblood. An alien Warrior could work, and doesn't necessarily have to involve a mistress or something. Keep in mind that the Great Galactic War happened eleven years before the start of the class stories, and was going on for thirty years before that. That's more than enough time for some enterprising alien to become Sith and rise through the ranks (which is exactly how I explain my Zabrak Warrior). My Warriors are a Zabrak, a Pureblood, and a human.
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06.20.2017 , 08:14 AM | #160
I wanted to add that an Alien would be a good undercover agent. Since no one would suspect that the empire would hire an alien at least not in something dealing with secrets etc.