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Annihilation / Watchman

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07.25.2018 , 11:50 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by TalonVII View Post
Mmm maybe. I guess you're right. But I end up with so much energy up all the time and no movies many times to use it with unless I spam vicious slash.

And are you sure on the abilities. Cause here's how I usually roll with my Marauder(btw this is not my main but I have one of each class. Since I have a marauded opposite side is a guardian etc)
Start with dual saber throw, force charge, deadly saber, rupture, force rend, battering assault, annihilate, force scream.

By that point rupture and rend are back up but a lot of the rest are not. Many times I'll have full rage and nothing but vicious slash and rupture to use for a good while till the rest come off cool down.

Which is the problem I have. Plenty of rage, almost nothing to use it on many times.

If you got a better rotation I'm all ears.
Vicious Slash is supposed to be general filler. Almost every spec has a general filler ability they use when there's nothing else. For example, Carnage Mara has Massacre, Lightning Sorc has Lightning Bolt. Also, that rotation is wrong. Dual Saber Throw should only be used with Mind Sear proc, and for the general rotation, I'd refer to Beastfury's guide, or any Anni guide. Also, if you think Anni doesn't use enough abilities, please keep in mind that Carnage uses even fewer, as does Lightning. Referral link and a muffin button... click it.... you get a free blueberry muffin
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07.26.2018 , 02:31 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by TalonVII View Post
If you got a better rotation I'm all ears.
Quick comments: use ravage, wait for proc to use twin saber throw, vicious slash usage is ok

More complex comment: Do you mean for a boss fight? Cause the thing you showed is not a rotation, more of a quick priority on what you prefer using. Not sure if you want something for story stuff/heroics/trash killing (less than 1min), which is what your rotation is, or if you want a good rotation for FP/Ops boss fights (1min+).

If you want trash killing and short fights, then no, annihilation is not the best (though the DoT spread is very nice), and probably not the most fun (I still enjoy it for random questing). Something like: Charge + deadly, battering, annihilate, rend, rupture, dual saber ( if procced), ravage, slash (rest depends on how many stacks you have entering the fight).

If you want a longer fight one lmk, I can share what I use even though I'm not the best mara around, but it's a bit more complicated and since I have 0 idea what type of player you are don't want to type it for nothing.
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