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Set Bonuses in General

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08.14.2019 , 07:04 PM | #1
This thread isn't about the General gear sets that can be used by all classes, I love that idea. Rather, this is feedback on the set bonuses as a whole. Mainly, that right now in the live game, we have 2 piece, 4 piece, and 6 piece set bonuses, and those really mean something. On my main, I have two pieces from one set, and four from another, and have therefore gotten to really pick and choose the set bonuses that I want. With this new gear, the 2 piece set bonuses are... let's say underwhelming (just stat boosts, so what), and there are so many 4 piece set bonuses... but what, I'm going to put on a four piece set and the rest of my gear just doesn't mean anything but stats? So much for play your own way-- whatever set bonus I pick, I'm locked into that one and no other, even with the 4 piece sets. Right now on the PTS, I'm using a six piece set even though I only care about its 4 piece bonus, because what's the point of using another set. Two pieces from a different set won't give me a different bonus of any kind except a different underwhelming stat increase, so why would they matter?

Maybe it's too late for an idea like this, I'm sure you're already set in the way you're going to be doing things, but just as a thought-- could you please consider on the 6 piece sets, getting rid of the 2 piece set bonus, and making it just 3 pieces and 6 pieces? Both would have an effect, not just a stat increase. That way, when you're wearing a 4 piece set, you can still have the lesser bonus from another set. That's really playing your own way, being able to customize which set bonuses you want to use and which you can do without. And it'll actually matter that you have seven gear pieces tied to a set bonus, not six.

Either this, or please make the 2 piece sets worthwhile. Right now gear sets, regardless of the effect, just feel lackluster. I'm glad to see the effects of some of them updating as the PTS goes on, but please consider that we might be feeling locked into a particular gear set by not being able to pick and choose? Consider that probably the last thing you want us thinking when we're trying to get excited about all this new content you've worked so hard on is, "What's the point?"
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