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New Stacking Abilities

shyroman's Avatar

08.14.2019 , 06:05 PM | #1
So I've been messing around with a few of the abilities that will be stack based now and I've got some issues with how it feels to play. Right now it's just you get the extra stacks at the beginning of combat and then it's entirely the same as before. I've heard that this is especially detrimental to roll for operatives. I haven't played that yet but based off of my experiences with mara/sniper/pt, I can imagine how bad it feels.

When I first heard of the stacking system, I thought each stack would have its own separate cooldown but that only applies to the first stack. For thermal sensor override, lets say I use the first stack, and the 1 minute (halfway) into the cooldown of the first stack, I use the 2nd stack. Now the first stack will still refresh 1 minute after the 2nd TSO which will give you your 3rd TSO activation, but the next TSO stack then starts its cooldown based off the 3rd activation and not the 2nd. So after your 3rd activation, instead of waiting 1 minute between activations like the rest, you then have to wait a full 2 minutes for the 4th and all the future activations.

This also felt really horrible on snipers with Laze Target since after your initial 3 activations and the first refresh, you have to wait the full minute for every single laze target which feels a lot worse than the 2 every minute like it is on live.

Now I'm not sure exactly what your intentions were with this stacking but I'll assume that the one currently functioning on PTS is your intention. Maybe it will require some number tuning for the way I'd like it to function but using those stacking abilities very frequently feels a lot more satisfying than it going back to the original cooldown after the initial set of activations.
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