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Crit/Critical Cap/Diminishing Returns

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Crit/Critical Cap/Diminishing Returns

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02.26.2018 , 02:11 AM | #1
Hey Y`all,

nobody seems to know the answer for this or they avoid giving a definitive answer, but just wondering, in the current patch 5.6 is there an amount of critical rating/percentage (for deception sin) that is too much? and taking everything into consideration? such as relics, class buffs etc?
I found when my crit is at 45% (with class buffs) and I have a crit relic on, my crits are much lower then they should be
so hence I did some research, but the best i could find was guesswork and personal opinions with no research behind it.
Could I just ask before you post your reply, to also attach what you base your opinion on.

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02.26.2018 , 06:50 AM | #2
Crit soft cap is 1800. (not done by me)
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02.26.2018 , 07:04 AM | #3
No guess works, just maths: SWTOR: DR.

Also, here's a per point breakdown of what critical rating adds: Critical Rating DR
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02.26.2018 , 12:07 PM | #4
Crit chance from crit rating is hard capped at 30%, from mastery the cap is 20%. The crit multiplier is also capped at 30%. These functions are, however, all in the form of cap * (1 - base ^ (rating / something)), where base is a little less than one, so they only converge to the cap; you cannot actually reach it.

There's no single point from which it is pointless to take more crit, but there's a point from which you benefit more from something else. That something else is usually alacrity, but with the GCD rounding not just any amount of alacrity makes sense.

I have written about this in my PvP guide up in the sticky section, please take some time to read it if you're interested.
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