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Returning Player, New to Sentinel

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Returning Player, New to Sentinel

Hakafu's Avatar

11.29.2012 , 01:50 PM | #1
So, as title states, just returning from being away for months and months. I used to play Empire side and had a 24'ish Marauder so I'm somewhat familiar with the mechanics, but I'm hoping some people here have advice for leveling specs that'll also work well for leveling myself in BG's, assuming they aren't crazy rare to have pop now due to the ridiculous restrictions on F2P players. I'm subbed, so I'm hoping I'm not inadvertantly punished by that. Plan on doing Watchmen spec, since that's what I was used to and liked on my Annihilation Marauder. Is it still the high output DoT spec with self healing?

Thanks for taking the time to read for a returning player and any advice you veterans can give would be appreciated.

Ryat's Avatar

11.29.2012 , 10:33 PM | #2
Yes, Watchman is still (even after the nerf) a good spec to level up on. The other two specs are good as well now but Watchman is still best for PvE and excellent PvP PUG environments. Combat is well loved in Ranked PvP and Focus is a FOTM spec for PvP.

Bugattiboy's Avatar

11.30.2012 , 09:52 AM | #3
Yes, Watchman is a good spec to level up on. It's also the favoured spec for ops because of the it's sustainable dps. Combat is best for PvP because it has the most burst out of all 3 specs. And Focus is if you don't want to think about skill and just want one single skill to focus on.

Hakafu's Avatar

11.30.2012 , 12:58 PM | #4
Sounds like I'll be maintaining my idea of leveling as Watchmen then, and when I get higher and geared, maybe switching over to Combat spec for PvP then. Thanks for the replies.