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Guardian DPS stats

LukaszLazar's Avatar

12.30.2018 , 05:16 PM | #1
Hi guys,
i just got back after 9 months of a break from the game,
II am a lvl 70 jedi guardian at this moment, with a feeling that my stats are wrong... I am taking a beating in all pvp....
please check the stats:

Item rating 246
Mastery: 7423
Endurance: 7099
Power: 3133
Crit: 440
Alacrity: 902
Accuracy: 880
Defense: 208
Absorb and shield: 0
Presence: 2417

Damage: 3718 - 4420
Bonus damage: 2315,6
Accuracy 111.41%
crit: 30,58%
Crit multiplier 73,02%

Health 110028
armor arting: 8265
dmg reduction: 34,95%
Def chance: 7,42

I don't know what to do to increase my survival time in PVP... I thought that this is fine... how I was mistaken. I would like to have my guardian a good DPS, but i think something I had mad totally wrong....

I kindly thank You all in advance for helping me with this.

KendraP's Avatar

12.30.2018 , 06:01 PM | #2
For pvp as a dps guardian, i recommend dropping the def rating you have, increase your crit, and if you are under 248 gear, drop alacrity to 703. If you are 248+ you can optionally increase alacrity to 1860 (for a shorter global cooldown). Based on your health you are also undergeared or unaugmented, especially in the case of the latter, putting anything in the augment slot will help it bolster properly. Playing pvp at 70 with no augments is just dumb.

Much of your survivability in pvp is going to come from DCD timing. Keep in mind things like:
*FD should only be used when you can get the full ticks off, letting it sit at 12 stacks is useless.
*enure falls off after 30s, using it with a medpack helps.
*reflect works for single target, direct force, ranged, and tech attacks. It is useless against melee (non force or tech) attacks
*kiting and LOS can be very useful tools.

The weakest aspect of playing a guardian is focus. We have no means of avoiding it. If a pack of enemies pounces you, there isnt going to be much you can do besides prolong the inevitable.

1v1 however, the class is rather good, especially with well timed DCD uses.

Feel free to PM me with any questions or for more detailed strategies.

LukaszLazar's Avatar

12.31.2018 , 02:33 AM | #3
Thank You so much for Your repky and help!
Although I am still a noob in the pvp. I playd a roleplay with friends based on flashpoints and the game itself, i dont understand much from what You expaind.
Nevertheless I will study Your tips carefully. I am not sure what You mean regarding the augments. You mean the modifications for weapons and armor, such like mods etc to fill in sockets? If Yes how can I have something more than rating 246? When i played 9 months ago the max on the market was 246 yo buy :/ what is the main thing on what i should focus? The have a lot of different stats and which is the best for a Guardian. Right now i am focusing on power mostly.

KendraP's Avatar

12.31.2018 , 10:57 AM | #4
By default there are 3 item modifications avaliable - an armoring, a modification, and an enhancement. You can "optionally" add an augementation slot by using an augmentation kit and putting in an augment. Since you aren't using 248 gear and assuming you only have one gear set for pvp and pve, the stat pool should look something like:
Accuracy to 110%
Alacrity to 703
Crit to not greater than 2000
Then dump into mastery/power.

The current "best" gear is 258, and anything less than 248 makes the high alacrity (1860) build pointless or impossible. I cannot tell you what stat to stack, as optimal dps will not come from stat stacking but by distributing the stats as outlined. 252/258 gear comes from ossus/nim gods (the operation). The easiest way to get 248 gear is running hm ops to get 236 shells and trading them up for 248.

All that said, the single most important factor is not gearing. Once you do what i say with the augments and get your bolstered health pool above 120k, it is far more important to know how to use your DCDs. Guardian has no currently functional anti-focus tool, so these are your lifeline.