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How much Defense/Shield/Absorb is enough for an Immortal Jugg in PvP?

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How much Defense/Shield/Absorb is enough for an Immortal Jugg in PvP?

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05.19.2018 , 04:40 AM | #11
For pvp tanking, as grim mentioned, skanking is going to be the "better" method. Dps mods and enhancements allow you to do more damage, without hindering your mitigation (because for pvp, def shield and absorb dont really do much).

Do note: pvp tanking is as much a playstyle as a gearing method. If all you do is go farm damage, you're wasting a space an actual dps could be using. Tanking is about survival and being an irritant: if they cant kill you, they probably cannot get the objective either. "Skanks" that do not toss around a guard or try to convince me they're better off without a healer drive me insane. I just ended up on someones ignore list today for calling out such a tank. I did over 3 million protection. This guy didnt even break 1. Oh but he did more damage! Awesome, dude, glad you pulled off half the damage my dps buddy over there did in the same time frame.

For specifics: I prefer to go with the high endurance dps mods and enhancements (lethal b mods and whatever the corresponding enhancements are called) and obviously a tank set bonus. I augment with 228 fortitude augments for maximum health.

There is some debate here, as some people (for the sake of both being able to use comms and to do more damage) who go for the "optimized" dps mods and enhancements and augment for crit/alac. To me, the extra 20-30k health is useful because I spend a lot of time running around on low health trying to eat damage. (One strategy of mine is literally to blade blitz into a wall or the node, in hopes my buddy gets a cast off in that split second, I've also used awe as a "holy crap get a heal off!" Strategy). I also am not philosophically fond of skanking despite doing it, so I gear for the most endurance possible as it's the only "tank" stat that effectively functions for pvp. Before anyone starts up, I do skank despite my philosophical objections because I do not feel like hindering my team for philosophy. The recent changes proved straight damage nerfs will not fix the problem.

For pve, especially for shadows and even more so for PTs, but I did it on my guardian as well, I would swap the warding b for lethal b mods. A increase in def rating from 2k ro 3k effectively nets you 4% defense chance. Yay? My guardian runs shield amp and reactive warding, but the dps relics on my PT and shadow as they were hit far harder by the nerfs and the impact of the relics is also minimal at best.

Again, tanking has far and away the most diversity in possible gearing methods, whether it be for pvp or pve. What I have stated is what works for me and my playstyle (aka a lot of getting punched in the face by 6 people with my healing buddy - so lots of damage eating). Thus, your mileage may vary and require some experimentation to come to what's optimal for you.

It also requires substantial crafting- either buying, crafting it yourself, or hopefully the method I use for my dozen guardians and half dozen juggies: phone a friend to do it for you for mats.

Hope I was helpful and sorry for the essay.

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05.31.2018 , 01:02 AM | #12
Thanks kendra!!

So it seems nothing changed with regards to gearing... :/.
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05.31.2018 , 08:46 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Mordarion View Post
Thanks kendra!!

So it seems nothing changed with regards to gearing... :/.
Nope in an interview the tank gear issue was dismissed as an "expansion level issue" so for the forseeable future the optimal way to gear will be skanking; in my opinion, high endurance skanking, because contrary to popular deluded belief, a skank is not a dps. My toon is hated because I'm next to impossible to kill with my healer, not because i do so much damage.

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08.27.2018 , 09:58 AM | #14

Well Stated and agreed upon, I've tried every setup you can imagine and the high endurance dps mods seem to work the best PVP wise. Especially if you don't have that healer buddy running along side you. Crazy damage doesn't matter if you get blown up in 2 seconds.