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Uprisings in 6.2.1 - Feedback

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Uprisings in 6.2.1 - Feedback
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01.14.2021 , 06:43 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by JattaGin View Post
To be honest, I don't understand why you waste time, money and resources on Uprisings. There are so many better things you could do instead...

Nobody ever queued and queues for Uprisings. I think that this is maybe the one thing the whole community agrees on: Uprisings aren't fun. Never were, never will be.
Thanks to you for deciding what the community likes and what not

In this thread more than one player said that they are doing uprisings. Saidly most of them alone or only together with a friend. I definitly prefere any uprising against another hammer station run. Or other FPs where groups are stealthing through the mops and bug use to be faster done.

Uprisings are straight forward boss "fights" (Maybe reward us with loot after every boss "entcounter", because some of them are only a mass of mops to finish). Maybe try to increase the loot and maybe the people running hammer station will switch to uprisings as they did when they were first introduced with the "fractured" runs.

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01.14.2021 , 10:07 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by TrixxieTriss View Post
My wife and I have been running Uprisings for a few months now to get conquest socialite (since pvp became a shambles).

We mostly run master mode uprisings or veteran together. This rebalance means we will no longer the able to do that.... And to be frank, it will be over tuned for two players to play master mode or veteran mode unless you are really, really good (which sadly my wife isn’t, she’s the typical average casual).

I know they are designed as a 4 person activity and I’m not going to complain about that except to say NOBODY WANTS TO DO THEM. Which makes it difficult to get another two people to play uprisings. That means that once you roll out the rebalancing and difficulty for them, we won’t be able to play veteran or master mode uprisings anymore.

You can put all the rewards you want behind the difficulty. The issue isn’t the gear (which is still really bad at story level and only gives you stuff well below your irating), it’s the bugs and desync that still plagues this content. That and people just don’t seem interested in doing them?? Probably because you need to rely too heavily on random players.

All I would ask with the rebalance is to take into account that people like to run them in two player mode also. If you make veteran too hard for two player mode, you’ll have no one playing any uprisings at all, not even story.

Maybe instead of re-tuning uprisings to lvl 75 (which I’ve seen nobody ask for on the forums), how about retuning the flash points and operations to lvl 75 THAT MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR.

Leave the re-tuning of uprising alone, except for fixing the bugs and desync in them. By going ahead with these change, you will make it difficult for players who currently enjoy upraising as they are to keep playing them. I doubt you will get more players doing them with these changes, you will just end up with less players over all, especially as this was an avenue to do conquest socialite without having to forum pug groups or deal with the catastrophe that reg pvp has become,

Please leave uprising alone and fix pvp first and then flash points and operations. At least leave us something to do (uprisings) while you fix those.

Yes, this... been running uprisings regularly the past few months, trying to farm the Covert Neon (story and vet i mostly solo, MM i run with a guildmate)... great source of conquest points, and after you ran, say 10 of them a good source of relatively fast credits too...

On the down-side.... nobody plays uprisings really... some players aren t even aware of them... a re-tuning to 75 will achieve literally nothing... it will make them as unnecessarily hard, tedious and not worth the time spent in them... basically as they were pre 6.0, where everything above storymode was literally unachievable, due to the punishing mechanics and trash-mob overkill... i agree with the above poster, that this is nothing players really want(ed) ...

Everyone begs on their knees for regular content like FPs and OPs to be tuned up to lvl 75 and the team retunes barren content that won t be touched ( no matter what the rewards may be) by almost no one instead ? Hmmmm... strange design decision...once again

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01.14.2021 , 06:28 PM | #23
Give the god bot for Story mode.

Take Story off of the group finder and put Master Mode in.

Create achievements for completing 25 times like FP's.

Any other changes before those is just spinning your wheels.

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01.15.2021 , 03:33 AM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by VaeVictis View Post
Give the god bot for Story mode.
God bot won't help. It's the end of Uprisings as we knew (and someone managed to like) them. Have fun... while You can yet. :-(((

Last several hours I've got PTS account, copied my best six characters and tried to solo Story mode Crimson Fang Uprising as my Vanguard Trooper...

Second boss, Takkan Rusco, will have obviously restrictive (I suspect You just won't have time to kill him before enrage if Uprisings bosses have enrage timer) 4.5 millions HPs and will literally hit You like a truck. My IL 50 T7-01 Healer was crashed like a bug in the matter of seconds by the Rusco's "Death from above". My Vanguard, "end-game" iR 306 Tank, survived T7-01 for two whole minutes and even wounded Takkan for ~ 8% of his HP! ;.-) But without healing... :-(((

I was able to kill first boss, Jor “Oneshot” Mesok (776 336 HPs). Despite there are a huge trash swarm (yeah... they are lvl 75 now) and I died twice before I did it, I can even call this boss "soloable" - at least, You still can use kolto stations to heal.

The general impression is that I went back in time, to pre-6.0. So it's unclear why they made Uprisings much easier in 6.0.

Ah... loot, according to Jor “Oneshot” Mesok, remain unchanged: got 3 items with iRating 302...304. Nothing was increased yet.

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01.15.2021 , 07:11 AM | #25
I've logged in to PTS again and tried to solo Story mode Down and Dusted as my Darkness Sith Assassin (alpha-class, BTW). First boss (Jai Quallo) had ~ 2 millions HPs and was soloable. Only when Jai summoned Giant Enslaved Sand Worm (NPC with gold star) I was close to death, but took the kolto on time. Second boss, Crack-Shot Aggy, had more than 5 millions HPs and was definitely not doable (stuns among a heavy hits as well as jumps across the yard - I've reduced his health by ~ 5% and then escaped, gone Stealth). Seems like a trend for upcoming changes: first boss is soloable, but second is restrictive - to cut down solo and duo players. :-(((

Would risk to speak as prophet: developers might just completely remove Uprisings from the game with same result - almost nobody will do (and will be able to do) them after 6.2.1, despite Story and Veteran mode Uprisings are present in the Activity Finder. Now Uprisings are almost ideally as duo (Veteran and Master mode) / challenging solo (Story mode) content, linked to KotFE / KotET storyline... have fun and enjoy Your stay while You can yet.

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01.15.2021 , 01:19 PM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by Craftermun View Post
Do You Feel Uprisings are Worth Doing?
Short and simple answer would be no - they feel disconnected from the story and while they are good fun for when you just want to carve through waves of enemies, they just feel empty story-wise when even with the flashpoints that are given at the holo terminals by Malgus are given backstory before even stepping foot into them.
I disagree I don't think every non story, content needs to have cutscenes behind them, they can add content just for players to have fun. Which I hope BW focuses on when re doing these uprisings, I can't test them because no pts on steam.
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Yesterday , 02:53 AM | #27
I keep wondering why we should discuss here. BW is not interested in our opinion anyway. The change is implemented. No matter what is written here. We have seen it so often.

Instead of focusing on the Ursprings, should there be better rewards for the bonus bosses in the FP.
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Yesterday , 05:33 AM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by VaeVictis View Post
Create achievements for completing 25 times like FP's.
Please dont give them funny ideas!
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Today , 11:20 PM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by Batwer View Post
I keep wondering why we should discuss here. BW is not interested in our opinion anyway. The change is implemented. No matter what is written here. We have seen it so often.

Instead of focusing on the Ursprings, should there be better rewards for the bonus bosses in the FP.
Yes, reading the responses in the discord from Bioware seems to indicate they don’t care what feed back is given because they have a vision and they don’t really care if players agree or not.