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Hunting the Infiltrators (IC)

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05.23.2013 , 11:01 PM | #1751
All ships, activate the high weaponry, starting with the cannons, and ending with the emp pulses. The ships began activating their weaponry, the first things to attack were large, high energy cannons, not Rakata tech. Soon the real Rakata tech would be prepared.

Then give the command. They are your men to order.

And what, may I ask, happened to you? You seem to be pretty badly scarred. If I may be so bold to say.

The Republic fleet awaited the final order to jump. Prepared for a large fight ahead.

Not yet. If they need our help, Sabrina shall immediately call. The Reviver fleet has immense power and should have overcome them by now. Though it has grown old in the time it has had traveling. But no, we won't move in yet. Vergas replied.

Ah, see men. This Jedi lies also. He said, looking around the room at the other people, who were still working. He then continued, Do you really think I am dumb? You Jedi hate us, why would you let us live? But come ask your questions, we shall see if I can answer. The two troopers stepped back, keeping their rifles ready.
Corruck ZannWe are few, they are many. But the Force is our ally and a strong one. We shall not fail.
NarothI am a Lord of the Sith Empire. I am the darkness that consumes all. Be assured nothing shall escape me.