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Commando / Mercanery DPS desperately need a buff since 6.1.2

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Commando / Mercanery DPS desperately need a buff since 6.1.2

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06.30.2020 , 10:26 AM | #1
After the nerf of the "Concentrated fire"-set, the dps of both specs dropped quite hard.

Gunnery: Max dps i reached with the "cf"-set was around 21,4k dps:
Average tries were around 20,7-21k dps.

I did NOT use attack-adrenals for these tries.

I haven't tested CF for Arsenal yet. I would appreciate if someone can share data in this tread.

After this disappointment i changed to the Apex-Predator- Set with gunnery. The dps was in average about 500-600 dps higher.

Gunnery: Average tries were around 21,3-21,8k dps.
Max dps was around 22k:

Arsenal: Max dps was around 22,1k:

I used attack adrenal for these tries.

To conclude, Arsenal/gunnery DPS needs at least a buff of 1k dps to compete with the specs at the bottom.

For Assault Specialist/Innovative Ordinance testing i used only the "Concentrated fire-Set"
The "Apex Predator-Set" seems not worth a try for this spec, but i would appreciate seeing some data of it.

Assault Specialist: Average tries were around 20,6k-21,2k dps
Max Dps was around 21,8k dps (outstanding try by far):

Innovative Ordinace: Average tries were around 21,4k-22,3k dps.
Max dps was around 22,5k dps:

For an outstanding try i would say you can reach up to 22,8-22,9k dps.

i used attack adrenal for all of these tries.

To conclude, especially "Assault Specialist" needs at least a buff of 1,4k dps to compete with the bottom of the specs and be a little bit better than Arsenal/Gunnery.(It's a Dot-spec!)
"Innovative Ordinance" needs at least a buff of 400 dps.

Or just fix the main/ offhand issue of "Innovative Ordinance" to bring it in par to "Assault Specialist" and buff them simontaneously.

Last, but not least i have a question to the community regarding the offhand hits.
Are the offhand hits triggering the gain of supercharged stacks with cf-set?
In comparison to "Assault specialist" it seems i have a more consistent gain of stacks with IO, which would also increase the average dmg, if it is the case.
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06.30.2020 , 10:58 AM | #2
Here are some numbers regarding the main/ offhand issue from an older post of me: Merc vs Commando DPS

Quote: Originally Posted by Weiser_Philosoph View Post
I posted this in another thread. The gap between commando and merc (you can check this in parsely) exists because of much more crit on the mainhand, Even with my parse on AS ( with the three more or less guaranted crits on mag-shot (59,19% crit on mainhand) i couldnt match the crit on a mercs mainhand (62,31%). This was a really high crit parse. Normally i couldnt get above 57,8% crit.
The bug has been fixed since 6.1 and now my highest parse is 22,4k (55,8% crit). The gap logically grew( 6,51%)

The arsenal/ gunnery crit difference on mainhaind goes up to 6,95%

Please fix this issue. Otherwise you have to buff the republic mirror to merc lvl (ex: with a passive). But this would be only a temporary solution.
Nora-serada Elesandros Larianda Mirafina
Norafina Terestis Noralina Barthasar
Chasalla Sarantini