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PvP Advice Please

Kovaos's Avatar

04.15.2013 , 03:02 PM | #1
Sentinel was my first 50 after launch. He has been shelved for more than a year. Since then I have level 5 other 50's: Shadow, Sage, Gunslinger, and my latest is a Sniper. They will probably all reach 55 eventually, but I like to dabble with each one and get them geared.

Any recommendations for my 50 Sent? I feel so lost since I haven't picked him lately. When I played him at launch Watchman was the popular spec. I do not want to be focus. I've read some good comments about Combat, and not so good comments about Watchman.

What do you non-Focus players enjoy the most?
"my friend said he got a pack of level 50 armor and all i got was level 47 pants."

harryclay's Avatar

04.15.2013 , 06:08 PM | #2
try out the combat spec. It is really nice with the update and its one of the mkore easy specs to learn