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Stance/Tree What are you noticing? Need more of? Specing to gear for what spec?

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Stance/Tree What are you noticing? Need more of? Specing to gear for what spec?

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04.15.2013 , 01:39 PM | #1
So currently, I hit 55 last night, actually bought a Conq Assualt relic, procs are beautiful, did some parses this afternoon, and yeah.

-What I noticed, and I am by no means hitting numbers I've seen others hit here, my best was a Watch parse, somehow, ever with all the resists/Dodge...I need more accuracy...its nuts I am at 96.6% atm...

-Combat...huge numbers with procs from relics. I hadn't done to much Combat PvE in a while, usually use it for PvP, though with the lack of accuracy, it seems alright to get more gear in, then go watchman. What do you think?

-Focus--I leveled Makeb in this spec. Yeah, lots of mobs crushed instantly, and the numbers are pretty hilarious actually, I was not expecting the numbers I saw, I don't know about preferring it as a main spec in an OP but...need practice with this rotation.

-Main spec pre 2.0 was watch, got some great damage in, however now, while getting in HM FP's wondering whats the most effiecient DPS with the lack of stats.

So what have you guys noticed/think currently with your numbers? Tips? All damage was observed on an OP dummy at 55.
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04.15.2013 , 06:06 PM | #2
I have played all specs. I was using watchmen pre 2.0 for ops and focus for pretty much anything else. I am a fan of focus, screw all the haters, but I do feel it was nerfed slightly. This nerf was needed imo. Currently I have been using combat spec for 55. It was hurting on dps untill i got some 69 gear and got my crit up. As far as watchmen goes, I wasnt impressed but when I tried it out i was still in my 63 gear at level 55 and my stats were garbage. I still think all of the specs are viable depending on the situation. I will somtimes even change spec in the middle of a op or fp if my group is having trouble with aoe and go focus. I am liking this combat spec so far tho