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Making the case for having your characters as stronghold decorations.

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Making the case for having your characters as stronghold decorations.

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12.27.2018 , 04:11 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by ThadiusMoor View Post
Who wouldn't love this? Seriously.

If you can make my alts appear as a fully realized 3-d image here:

Family Tree -

Then you should be able to place that exact image into a stronghold, just like how companions work:

A Companion In A Stronghold - (Unsummoned)

A Companion In A Stronghold - (Summoned)

So, given how the companion works, the character could work exactly the same.

When a particular character is not logged in, it would appear as the companion in the first image.

When you are currently logged into that particular character, that character image in the stronghold would be shown like the companion in the second picture, the holo-image of said companion/character.

There would probably have to be a limit on the total number of characters allowed to be displayed in this way, and each would count as a decoration slot from the total allowed in any given stronghold.

I'd say at most 25.

As a decoration slot in the deco list, these could be stored as Charater Slot 1, Charater Slot 2, Charater Slot 3, etc...

Assign each character in your account a deco-tag.

These could then be selected from the legacy panel and placed into the decoration list in the exact same way those same charatcers are placed into the family tree, as seen in the first image.

(The image collection together: )

This could totally work, if only Bioware would do it up.
The truth would be fine, and it would be even better if the characters of the legacy could be used as companion, although this if they apply in the future, it will be after the game has no more companions to offer.

To enjoy this function, the game would collect many coins in the Cartel Market.

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12.28.2018 , 09:24 AM | #12
I think the idea is nice but i can t ever imagine this happening . the back need of this is massive to do this to gen a alt and placement holder and stuff. people could abuse the system also.
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12.28.2018 , 11:08 AM | #13
I would love to have my characters as stronghold decorations, i have so many cool ones.