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Why Many Ranked PvP’ers So Toxic??

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Why Many Ranked PvP’ers So Toxic??

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10.20.2020 , 08:11 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by darkzannah View Post
ranked players are toxic because for them ranked it is a bit like a competition, they take it very seriously, they don't want new or only new top levels otherwise it is insult and kick. there is only one thing that matters to them to be at the top level. ranked players are a small community outside and within swtors that requires nerve and class upgrading, for them ranked rewards are never good enough, and very few have played ranked compared to those in pve or in pvp reg.
Most ranked players use cheats anyway so screw em. Small community of folks who have very lil skill other than the checkbook. If ya pvp in this game you need a life. Pvp here is crap.

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11.03.2020 , 08:17 PM | #12
That pretty easy to answer.
Most people on SWTOR who do PVP on regular basis are between 14 and 28.
People who do PvP on a regular basis tend to have a toxic mindset more than people who rather do PvE content.
Doesnt mean everyone is that way. In fact my guild is very child and very helpfull and patient.
But most people who seek out to fight other people online must have some % of toxic mindset to begin with.
Some do it completely drama free but those are rare and maybe only 10% of players are that way.
And people who actually want to harass or gank other people. guess what activity they chose in the game the most?
Damn right.
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