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Vanguard nerfing

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03.19.2012 , 01:03 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by lilBastahd View Post
Hey, stick with Tactics if you like PVE. I wasn't facerolling with AS. Good sorcs kept their distance, marauders slaughtered us like they do everyone else, assasins bounced before getting killed, and unless able to sneak up right behind em, snipers were a good match. I don't remember AS vanguards ever being FOTM. I see mostly light sabers out there. I think the term "FOTM" really seems to be the fad of the week, and I'm sick of hearing every class, every AC, and every spec tree getting labeled as such. You don't understand anything man, leave your stupid comments in your pocket!
Ohh Hai Mark.

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03.19.2012 , 06:59 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by lilBastahd View Post
We don't benefit more from Ion Cell for Assault. For us to do our best damage, our target needs to be on fire. That' only happens with Plasma cell, unless we decide to kill all our ammo by using incendiary round on everybody. I only switch to Ion cell when I'm in a group and we really need someone to be [sort of] a tank, or in WZs when I'm helping a sage or commando guard an objective. If there's another player available to take that roll, I let them because my tree is wasted on being a protector on Ion cell.
So you really spam Hammer Shot with its 16% chance to proc PC which lasts for 6 seconds and don't do your proper damage til it's up?

Because I'm Assault Commando and this might be something new to you but I use the guaranteed 18 second burn from IR and then unload on someone with my attacks buffed for the next 18 seconds minimum since plasma cell might well proc from attacks during that time.

Attacking multiple people with IR, treating it as an attack instead of a buff to your attacks does certainly waste ammo.

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03.19.2012 , 07:25 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Gyronamics View Post
You mad?

Vanguards doing that crap means Commandos in Assault get the nerf through the shared tree for no good reason.
You know I believe the nerf was to balance out Vanguard with Commandos as Vanguards now will be forced to auto attack as much as commandos...
Quote: Originally Posted by CrunkShizzle View Post
Just wonderin how AP is lookin pvp wise
Could be worse

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03.19.2012 , 07:32 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by TehMerc View Post
Vanguards didn't get it nerfed, it's to prevent back to back to back procs from happening. They just decided to tack on the plasma cell requirement to reign in hybrid specs, as they have been with other classes.

Don't think it wasn't gonna happen one way or another.

Also OP, really? You're comparing a poem about the inactivity of germans in relation to not doing anything about the uprising of Nazis to nerfs that were needed?

Get a grip.
Guys read the Patch Notes Carefully...

I am not talking if carlina Parakeet, but the "real" assault specialist spec, IT is getting super nerfed, and I mean the biggest Nerf To date, bigger even than smuggler's.

What does a 6 sec cooldown mean to the Assault Specialist DPS spec? No it doesnt mean a sure heat vent every 6 secs, what it does mean each 6 secs You will have to start to Fish for procs!

The Proc Rate Buffs are as Follow:

-Stockstrike: 60%
-Ion Pulse: 45%

Meaning on average you will need 2 attacks to trigger the 6 sec cooldown, if we add that up means venting heat every 10 secs!!!!!!!!!!! Before the patch you could reliably expect to vent heat every 3 attacks, meaning each 4.5 secs! Can you see now the extent of the nerf? They just doubled the heat management issues, I expect atleast a 30% overall dps decrease.
Quote: Originally Posted by CrunkShizzle View Post
Just wonderin how AP is lookin pvp wise
Could be worse

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03.19.2012 , 11:41 AM | #15
I'm going to have to see how it feels when 1.2 goes live, but my first thought is I should be going (HIB proc) -> HIB -> Pulse Cannon if I'm doing stationary DPS. That'll chew up three of the four 1.5 second tics to reset Accelerator right there and still deal some respectable armor-ignoring damage.
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