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1.2: R.I.P. Assault Specialist

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03.19.2012 , 10:50 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Assaultrooper View Post
Remember also that you will still need to fish for procs AFTER the cd is up. Meaning a longterm average of about 1 ammo cell each 10 secs!!! Compare that to the Current amount of attacks expected to proc High Impact Bolt = 3 attacks, meaning Right now you get to gain ammo every 4.5 secs. Bioware just doubled our ammo management problems!
You don't gain ammo every 4.5 seconds now. You're substantially overestimating the number of HIB procs you get.

In a 15 second period going all out, the average number of procs is ~2.5 or 1 every 6 seconds.

The real problems have been identified by other posters above, and it's the rewriting of the proc and the inability to use Ion Pulse if trying to carry a proc past 6 seconds for burst or to open. This has a massive negative impact on our ability to burst, to pressure, and on survivability as kiting and staying at range is where we get our survivability. Another issue that comes up with this change due to the mechanic of the reset is that Assault has gone from having the best target swap capability of Vanguard specs to the worst.

Tactics will in all likelyhood have stronger burst, stronger pressure, stronger AoE, and stronger ammo regen. Assault will still have a ranged edge, but without the ability to go for a high probability double HIB, it's burst is butchered.