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So, if everyone is unsubbing....

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So, if everyone is unsubbing....

SithEBM-Reborn's Avatar

03.23.2014 , 01:06 PM | #91
Quote: Originally Posted by Kenjer View Post
.. where are people going to go PVP?

Serious question, curious what strong PVP games are out there right now.
Civilization 5.

Prototypemind's Avatar

03.23.2014 , 01:40 PM | #92
Wouldn't have to return to an MMO. TOR is my first and pulled me in with the story, then end game, then PvP. If content release continues to be slow then I'll return to BFIII, maybe pick up 4. Large variety of maps, but more importantly the outcome changed each time because, shocker, you actually fought with and against different people. Easy to go round after round in the zones/modes of your choice and kill a few hours.

Heck, I may even go back and pick up some of the many single player titles that I've missed. Fact is that BW/EA have something golden here and they eff it up by utterly ignoring their player bases in some cases, and by refusing to spend where they need to spend in others. It's not one thing that's leading me down the road to unsubbing from the only MMO that I've ever wanted to pick up, it's many. PvE end game should be getting released steadily enough that when you're helping guildies hitting 50-55 there's enough content that you don't want to slap yourself in the face out of boredom from having to run them through the same Ops week after week. Even progression gets old quickly when you're limited to S&V, TfB, DF/DP. This is a newer game, but not so new that there's not more to do than that.

GSF is great in that it brings in and retains subs who enjoy it. Housing is great in that it it will bring in and retain subs who enjoy it. The new tacticals are garbage both in terms of true replay value and in terms of any kind of depth. There is almost no effort put into the story, and what there is offers nothing in the way of immersion. It's not one thing leading to the end, it's that the Devs look at parts instead of the whole. I am not a hardcore PvPer, but the lack of end game has turned me toward it because it offers something else to enjoy. Ignoring PvP affects more than just the ranked, PvP-only guild crowd.

Changes need to happen on multiple fronts, or the slow leak will continue, with spikes each time the announcements are as dire as what was given recently. Hey, maybe the focus on Housing and GSF will be so stellar that they won't miss us. Who knows? I'm sure if I finally pull the plug I'll return when there are new Ops, and at some point there may be enough variety for me to stick around, but the lapsed subs in between endgame releases, and those who never return because PvP has been so thoroughly ignored will have an impact, though perhaps EA is like the machines and there are certain levels of survival that they are willing to accept.