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Scoundrels/Operatives need to be gutted

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Scoundrels/Operatives need to be gutted

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03.23.2014 , 12:12 PM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by foxmob View Post
you're acting as if 2 free rolls on cd is MORE broken than unlimited roll spam with an energy cost. I could LITERALLY roll across NC or HB maps popping sneak out of stealth, rolling 2 times, running 1s and rolling 2 times again and also popping the energy regen cd. that's broken. that's absolutely, stupidly broken. limiting the roll to 2 consecutive and then putting it on a cd is fine. as a sage and a sin, I find I actually move farther with sprint that just 2 rolls (usually cuz the rolls get snared or simply in combat). and one of my sin specs used sprint as a breaker.
Did you read my post? I specified operative healers in an arena setting. And although the free double-roll on a 10 second cd is already a solid buff to arena op healing, the rumor that it now ignores slows is what I was responding to.
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03.23.2014 , 01:05 PM | #52
Quote: Originally Posted by Transairion View Post
Specifically because as a Commando the amount of counterplay against a Scoundrel or Operative is practically nil.

Here's every single encounter I've ever had against a Scoundrel/Operative DPS:

- Get knocked on my *** from them from stealth losing 1/3 my health from the first blow
Hidden Strike/Shoot first doesn't hit more than 8k unless you're in PvE gear.
- Get up from that cc, manage to turn around and try and defend myself
The first thing you should do is use a knockback to prevent Debilitate/Dirty Kick
- **** that, immediately cc me again (Resolve bar still hasn't filled) and attack from behind again
I can see that you don't use a knockback and you're a liar for claiming that your resolve bar isn't filled.
- Lose another 1/3 - 2/3's of my health from that, so I'm either close to dead or fully dead now
How are you losing this much health? If they are only getting crits, then perhaps you should report them for hacking.
- Assuming I'm alive, as soon as that CC wears off I get CC'd AGAIN (?!?) and from there it's an easy oneshot
Shoot First, Dirty Kick, and flashbang which breaks on damage. Those are the only CCs Operatives/scrappers possess
Balanced my *** if the entire "fight" is just chain cc and often I don't even get a single shot off because of it: that's not balance that's a slaughter. Using the stun breaker only gives them the chance to stun me again immediately after I use it, so I'm pretty much dead if I do, dead if I don't.
This is clearly a L2P issue. Anybody who uses a CC on Hidden Strike has to learn how to play.
Also had another example yesterday where in Alderaan Civil War one, just ONE Scoundrel/Op was able to defend a turret all by themselves by spamming their cc from stealth, then simply walking around the turret platform throwing grenades despite LOS'ing them. And this was 2 v 1 with myself and a Vangaurd, and they were only scared off by a 3rd person jumping in... and did they die finally after that long of being attacked?
Can't vanguards grapple people? Or is that a certain spec?
Course not, triple roll away and they're practically at the middle turret already healing to full health.
3 rolls will leave the Operative with very little energy so yeah... I don't see how they can heal to full unless they use an in-combat stealth and their auto regen(Same for every class) heal.

Whenever a Scoundrel/Operative attacks there's basically no gameplay and I have no idea how this is allowed to exist. Maybe it wouldn't be such an issue if Stealth Scan wasn't completely awful, but hey, nobody seems to want to improve that either...
You need to learn to play.