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Please buff squishy powertech / vanguard dcd

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Please buff squishy powertech / vanguard dcd

NateCrazy's Avatar

11.14.2019 , 06:22 PM | #1
With 6.0 PT / VG is again the squishy class by not having competitive defensive cooldowns.

Power yeild was a great addition but that was needed last expansion and as every other class pulls further ahead with the expansions additions more is needed to close the gap.

PT / VG could use at least 2 more abilities that help them survive or utility changes to run off current abilitys, something like a knockback with root similar to snipers cover pulse, kolto overload utility buff like merc's have to make it tick faster and trigger earlier to actually keep you up.

Both warrior classes get the same DCD abilitys like mad dash, thretening scream, i dont see why mercenarys rocket out and jet boost could not have been replicated between both bounty hunter classes.

Really giving PT/VG those abilities would go a long way to closing the gap and would be an easy thing to implement.

Jet boost with a root option with lower CD as a utility, Rocket out as a standard ability, Utility to further improve kolto overload like merc have. Even another purge movement imparing ability as it only really has hydrolic overrides and many classes have several ways to purge movement speed imparements.