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1.3.7 breaks FPS, 1.4 breaks Crossfire / SLI. Where is QA ?

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1.3.7 breaks FPS, 1.4 breaks Crossfire / SLI. Where is QA ?

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09.27.2012 , 06:41 AM | #1
Dear Bioware,

How is that even possible ? How can it be, that one of your patches (1.3.7), cripples framerates, making the game unplayable for almost ten days (before a fix is deployed).

Now, you ADVERTISE... seriously you advertise an increase of performance for Crossfire / SLI setups in 1.4.
People on PTS forums say that it is NOT working.

You deploy.

Guess what ? IT'S NOT WORKING! (duh).

I will repeat myself here, but how is that even possible ? What happened to your QA ? It's a VERY SIMPLE BUG to figure out. You just run a game on a Crossfire / SLI rig and bam! You know it's not working!

Where is your QA ? Did you seriously fire them all ?
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