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1.3....i dont get it

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05.17.2012 , 11:35 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Stoicraven View Post
Bioware has just destroyed crafting and ensured a player driven economy will never happen -faceroll-
I'm assuming that you just can't be bothered to look up how it will be implemented, because that isn't going to happen at all.

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05.17.2012 , 12:13 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Celebrus View Post

Did you actually read the post that I quoted or did you just knee jerk like most fanboys and start rambling?

The person I quoted didn't post any links, did not provide ANY information, and was simply whining because the OP specified that he was on a dead server that wasn't fatman.

And people wonder why they get called mindless fannies.
Okay, I'll indulge you a bit.

First, just to clear this up:
Quote: Originally Posted by Kthx View Post
It has to be viewed in conjunction with character transfers: The demand for an LFD or LFG tool goes back to way before population was an issue.
This is, in fact, the truth. People wanted the LFD/LFG tool before the game was even LAUNCHED, and it remained that way afterward (long before population issues had a chance to arise). This is, in fact, not a very fanboy-like response, it's just stating how things are. Had he been saying that people making that request were stupid, or some other inflammatory comment, then you'd have a point.

He didn't, so you don't.

Quote: Originally Posted by Kthx View Post
I'm on a standard non-RP PVE server that is not Fatman and that is somewhere in the top-20 and it is decidedly not dead, so the implication that every other server is dead is a bit of a hyperbole.
Again, just looking at this shows no particular bias in any one direction. MANY people cite Fatman as the only truly populated server in the deluge of threads complaining about the admittedly large population issues. The OP, in fact, was another person making the claim that any time he's on ANY server that isn't Fatman (it's the first sentence, in case you were wondering) he doesn't see any players, implying that any non-Fatman server is dead.

Kthnx was simply explaining that there are far more than just that one server with a steady population, and that saying otherwise is hyperbole. That is, quite simply, just explaining the definition of the word to someone who isn't aware that they're doing it.

Quote: Originally Posted by Kthx View Post
No, this is not what hot fixes are for. Hot fixes are for fixing high-impact bugs (programming errors).
I mean, c'mon now, he's just informing someone who doesn't know any better as to the real purpose of a hot fix (as opposed to a full patch)!

So, everything from your original premise as to how he's a fanboy, down to your assertion that somehow I didn't read the post you quoted, is CLEARLY mistaken. Hell, even your original response to him proves you didn't bother to even read the first sentence of the OP.

Now feel free to play the "LOLITROLLZU" card or conveniently not respond to acknowledge your mistake or make a show of understanding to people you throw vitriol at without bothering to have the facts you claim the rest of us are missing.

But, in the event you have the capacity to learn from your mistakes, understand that people like YOU are the reason the so-called "fanboys" don't take criticism threads seriously, and why companies like BioWare have to be so choosy as to which suggestions they actually listen to.
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05.17.2012 , 12:57 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by KrittaB View Post
I'm assuming that you just can't be bothered to look up how it will be implemented, because that isn't going to happen at all.
I did, it kills the economy plain and simple. You have an item of value (currently augmented items are worth far more then what any player is willing to pay becaues they somehow think credits are hard to come by) and now you can just RE gear to get an augment kit. Either way, it's the death of crafting. Soon enough you won't even need a crafter for the kit, they'll make it readily available via vendor purchase.