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A common sense request: OTHER LANGUAGE SERVERS IDEA.

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A common sense request: OTHER LANGUAGE SERVERS IDEA.

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12.13.2011 , 05:38 PM | #1

I don't know if this has been already either asked or answered, but I couldn't find any similar post so here it goes my suggestion, and i'd be glad if everybody takes it srsly.

In Europe there are lots of languages, and I can even understand if you don't translate the game subtitles (no voice here) to all Europe Idioms (which, by the way, in 2011 it shouldn't be a problem, but whatever).

What i really can't understand is why the hell can't BW, Lucas Arts, or whoever, do, for example, X [Spanish] / [Italian] / [Russian] etc etc etc etc servers. Even if they are not translated, people who play in a [FRENCH] Server, or [ENGLISH] OR [GERMAN] server, may not like to read in general chat, trade chat or wherever LOTS of poeple talking Spanish, Italian, Russian, etc. I personally can, more or less, speak and write in english (maybe not 100% correct, but quite understandable), but when I realize i wanna play this game for a long time, I really would like to be in a community of people that could talk the same idiom as me. I'm not asking a translated game, i'm just asking do a Region Server to join the poeple from each country/ies in an easy way.

I think it would really help all of europe community, just because Spain and Italy, plus Russia, etc, are not small countries with 2 milion people, they should be big enough to have their own (even translated) server, which, in the case of not being possible (as it seems this to be), they should get an english server which people from that countries could known that there they could find people that talks the same lenguage as oneself.

It's really hard to do high end PVE if u don't feel comfortable with your guild, and one of the best ways to feel comfortable is to understand the people you are playing with.

I think it's not very difficult to do this kind of things, and it's really stupid not having it. If I am from Barcelona, where should I find people? Maybe in French servers, because France is my nearest country, or should I go to the English because they are like an International Servers?

In a week you'll have lots of posts like:

Pople speaking Italina/spanish/russian/portuguese on an English/German/French server.

Try to think it, it's an easy solution.

Thank you very much.

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12.13.2011 , 05:40 PM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by nerc View Post
Try to think it, it's an easy solution.
You could learn to speak English too.