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(Temporary) Ideal Tank Stats

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(Temporary) Ideal Tank Stats

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04.09.2015 , 01:46 AM | #71
Quote: Originally Posted by Japina View Post
Thank you for wise comments. After 3.0 I have noticed that tanks are having less and same amount of health points like DPS. Should I ignore this or stack more endurance detriment mitigation stats?
Pre-3.0, tanks only had access to the mid tier Bastion and Bulwark enhancements. Since 3.0, tanks have access to the best in slot low endurance/high mitigation enhancements (i.e. Immunity and Sturdiness) through their set pieces. To counter the lower health pools as a result of using the Immunity and Sturdiness enhancements, some tanks have switched to using the "B" lettered mods from the commendations vendor. This combination also gives more mitigation stats then the unlettered mods with the Bastion and Bulwark enhancements.

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04.09.2015 , 06:39 PM | #72
Quote: Originally Posted by Boufsa View Post

M/R+K/E: 30.6%
F/T+K/E: 54.1%
F/T+I/E: 15.3%
DtPS: 7000
These numbers are based on a spreadsheet tabulated by Ilmar. As he is a Scoundrel DPS and not a tank, the exact percentages are going to be a bit different for tanking. However, these still represent the most authoritative values we have. Assuming a 25% natural crit chance (on average) and adding the auto-crit attacks found in Ilmar's spreadsheet, we assume a 33.25% crit rate overall (thus reducing the value of shield). The 7k DtPS value roughly approximates two geared DPS focus firing with all cooldowns available over a span of roughly 12 seconds. Average values over an entire match are clearly much lower than this, but also much less interesting since the healer (and tank) is primarily concerned with who is being bursted and by how much.
I had most of a post written up in response to this, but then I realized that this was a repost of a older thread.

However I am going to point out that the crit rates are in reality much lower in PvP for 3.0. I would hazard that they where probably lower back when that post was made too, but here is the data I have. Global crit rate is towards the bottom, the program is a WIP which is why its only showing select classes, however the global crit rate is still being pulled from all, however it does include crits from internal/elemental attacks.

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09.21.2015 , 04:25 PM | #73
Quote: Originally Posted by Methoxa View Post
#1 Malaphar : M/R+K/E: 52,6%
F/T+K/E: 0%
F/T+I/E: 47.4%
I get MR, FT, IE... what is K/E? Kinetic/Energy?
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09.21.2015 , 05:16 PM | #74
Quote: Originally Posted by Aderes View Post
I get MR, FT, IE... what is K/E? Kinetic/Energy?
Yes as compared to Internal/Elemental
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