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ED/FD On Jug/Guard tanks pre-buff: How useful was it?

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ED/FD On Jug/Guard tanks pre-buff: How useful was it?

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07.11.2014 , 11:57 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Maudril View Post
That is what I thought as well. I used it well before the buff, and felt the buff underwhelming for the tanks. Overall, a good thing, as the jug tanks did not need a buff to their DCD's. If it is a slight nerf in effect, that gives people less reason to ***** about Jugtank's DCD's.
However, I do miss the remarks I got about being a Jugtank that actually could use ED well

A question though, a lot of that seems to apply to PVP. The difference in PVP though is of course you are near guaranteed to use all your stacks, or to get hit for the entire 10 secounds unless the team is good enough to be able to ignore you while your DCD's are up. Was it a buff for PVP, or is the whining there about the ED buff for jugtanks follow the same psychology that makes freshly buffed specs "Flavor of the Month"? It seems to me to be the latter.
Basically yeah, it was for PvP. Lately, Bioware has a trend of screwing over PvE balance with extreme buffs for various other classes and introducing issues for Jugg tanks or DPS with their nerfs. I doubt they care at all about the "side-effects" of their changes even though they are totally unnecessary nerfs in PvE and have created new Quality of Life issues with the class due to them. It sounds like nothing, but even the change to Smash requiring a target is very frustrating on certain fights since it makes the skill less effective (can't go in between enemies to Smash anymore) and annoying to use.

I feel sorry the most for Jugg DPS who get to be amongst the lowest DPS in the game (they only beat out Snipers by a small margin) on their strongest spec, have the worst actual survivability in an operation across all melee classes due to no access to AoE damage reduction, and are reliant on a 3 second channel every 9-10 seconds. But hey, they have decent utility! Right now, PvE balance is heavily screwed up in terms for DPS and we aren't going to see a fix until 3.0 and even then, it's unclear if the right changes will be made.
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