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DF 8 HM shadow tank strange Behaviour

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DF 8 HM shadow tank strange Behaviour

yonsfon's Avatar

07.01.2014 , 05:25 PM | #1

Yesterday I was tanking in the DF 8 HM and in Boss Corruptor Zero it look like something was not normal.
I was dying to quickly and that is strange because I had done this boss in the pass few weeks and it was not like this. Maybe the problem was the healers but I do no think that explain it all.

And more strange is that I had done easaly this with a lower stat budget.

I am using KeyboardNinja
Average table (i do not have gear for the specific one) with a stat budget of 2443 divided like this:
Defense: 575,
Absorb: 1038,
Shield: 830,

This is the most close I can get to the recomended for the 2400 budget. I tried to up the defense and lower the absorb for this boss but the behaviour continued strange.

I cannot understand the diference in this stat budget, is harder to stay alive than with a lower on. And for complicate things I went and look to the log and it show 0 of absord Damage in all bosses.

The other tank was a vanguard and it was normal for him.

Is this normal? I'm doing anything wrong? Or there is a problem with the op, char? Can the tank theory masters give an hand ?

KeyboardNinja's Avatar

07.01.2014 , 05:37 PM | #2
More than likely, you were getting bad luck with your mitigation and/or something else was going wrong (healers having an off day? raid taking extra damage? adds tanked less effectively?). These factors have a much, much larger impact on survivability than stat distribution.

With that said, you'll notice in my post that Corrupter Zero is one of the bosses categorized as "low m/r". Thus, if you narrow your focus to just tanking Corrupter Zero, you should be using a very different stat distribution from the "average". The average is going to be strictly sub-optimal for bosses like CZ or Brontes. In fact, the average profile is sub-optimal for *every* boss. It's just that if you sum up your damage over the entire instance (all five bosses), the average profile will give you the lowest numbers of any of the profiles. However, if you use the more specific profiles for each boss, you can lower your damage well below what the average can achieve.

As a side note, the "absorb" annotation in the combat log indicates a Sorc/Sage healer using Static Barrier/Force Armor on you. It doesn't have anything to do with shielding.
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Cidgarrillo's Avatar

07.01.2014 , 06:05 PM | #3

In this log of yours with a duration of 3 minutes you didnt take damage of any other source than corruptor zero.
But I see that you are losing "corruption nanites" so you are doing the tank swap (how many stacks? 4?).
My point is: who is taking the adds? the other tank? nobody?.
Maybe the healers are focused on the dps lowering the healing in you. Maybe the adds survive too much overstressing the healers and getting them low on energy too soon.

What tactic are you using in order to deal with the adds?
What tactic are you using in order to deal with the mines?
What tactic are you using in order to deal with the tank swap?
What tactic are you using in order to deal with the anti-gravity field (big red aoe circle that lifts people)

jade_de_aguilera's Avatar

07.02.2014 , 04:42 AM | #4
We did DF HM yesterday and our impression was that something was changed as well.
I cannot say if my tank was taking more dmg (shadow), i used the high absorb gear (~ 300, 1100, 1300) I think i keep the log so I will check this eve.
But it was noticeable on my partner tank - guardian.

Don't look at Absorbed Damage. Look at Miss %
what i can see in you log is that you take a lot of dmg from Chest Laser & Mine (maybe you late on mines ?? )
Like this try:
% of all 17.44%
hits 4 Concussion Mine
total dmg 30550
miss 0%

yonsfon's Avatar

07.02.2014 , 07:17 AM | #5
First of all, thanks for all the replies, very handy...

Yes KeyboardNinja I'm aware the difference between the Average and the low m/r but I do not have gear to make both, maybe I should start working on that or at least had mods for change depending on the boss.
Thanks for the explanation on the tables and I did not know the thing about absorb notation on combat log, ..

Cidgarrilo and jade_de_aguilera , we know the tactics well but is possible that something was not working. We were using the same tactics that had worked before several times:

- Swapping on 4 stacks or after that depending if the adds appear or not.
- The adds were tanked by the "free" tank;
- The mines I think that were getting cleansed correctly;
- Is possible that we were losing a lot of time on the adds and that stopped the healers correctly.

And we had kill this boss a lot of times.

Is possible that with the tries I starting missing some mechanics I was getting frustrated because I was dying to quickly comparing to the other tank. And it felt strange, because when the budget was lower (lasts fews weeks) this did not happen and did not felt like this. The feeling that I had is I had returned to the first times in this boss when I was under geared.

Probably it was a mix of bad luck, with everything... we were getting a little bad luck with adds, most of the time they appeared on the top of us. Hopefully I will have another go tomorrow and I see how it will work and I will post the results in here.

One more time, thanks for all of your replies...they were very useful...

tacito's Avatar

07.09.2014 , 12:30 PM | #6
Also had problems with CZ last run... my assassin is in dread forged gear, so around 2700 budget, using "average" distribution. Don't know if it was just extremely bad luck, but I did not shield a single of his sweeping slashes, during 3 attempts. Resulted in up to 45k damage within 3 seconds. Not exactly a onehit, but it still took us a couple attempts to down him. Normally it's a one-stop shop for the weekly.

My powertech co-tank also felt a lot squishier than he normally does. Might have been purely incidental bad luck, I guess.