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Top 8 Class Storylines?

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09.22.2020 , 07:23 AM | #51
1. Agent. I'm still impressed by its intricacies after many, many playthroughs.
2. Warrior. I always play an honor-bound, light side, true Sith, and get a huge kick out of it.
3. Smuggler. The overall plot is a bit thin, but the character stuff is so entertaining that I don't care.
4. Trooper. Not so much for the story as the cast. I love 'em all to bits (except Tanno Ick).
5. Consular. I enjoy playing a peaceful diplomat... which you don't really get to do, since you have to kill shiploads of people anyway, but the idea is there.
6. Knight, Hunter and Inquisitor are all tied. Neither the story nor the characters particularly grab me. Some good moments here and there, that's it.

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09.23.2020 , 01:05 PM | #52
1. SI
2. SW
3. IA
4. JK
5. JC - I enjoyed chapters 1 & 2, but chapter 3 was terrible.
6. BH - Chapter 1 was great, the
Can't say much on the rest since haven't finished smuggler yet so far chapter 1 was good.
Trooper story was good but after chapter 1 I lost interest. Could have had it so your squad got wiped out at beginning. Rebuilt it, find the traitors that leads to the general (chapter 2) and then find the traitors in chapter 3 using intel from the captured general or something. Would have made things a bit more interesting.

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09.23.2020 , 01:59 PM | #53
1. Sith Warrior
2. Sith Inquisitor
3. Jedi Knight
4. Imperial Agent
5. Jedi Consular
6. Bounty Hunter
7. Smuggler

I haven't started Trooper yet so that's why it's missing. Warrior and Inquisitor are not in particular order, I enjoyed them both equally as much.
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11.30.2020 , 05:13 PM | #54
1. Sith Warrior
2. Imperial Agent
3. Jedi Knight
4. Sith Inquisitor
5. Consular
6. Smuggler
7. Bounty Hunter
8. Trooper

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12.01.2020 , 07:17 AM | #55
Can't remember if I've participated in this thread, but my order has probably changed anyway. From best to worst:

1. Jedi Consular
2. Sith Inquisitor
3. Sith Warrior
4. Jedi Knight
5. Imperial Agent
6. Smuggler
7. Trooper
8. Bounty Hunter
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12.01.2020 , 02:00 PM | #56
Sith Warrior
Sith Inquisitor
Imperial Agent

I've completed all class core storylines. Honestly, if this was left strictly to core original storylines, Imperial Agent would be Number 1 for me. But the Zakuul / Eternal Empire storylines are so Force oriented that a non-Force user looks really awkward.

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12.01.2020 , 03:03 PM | #57
1: Jedi Knight easily my favorite and for the me the best story. and the story that best epitomizes STAR WARS. the big damned hero fighting for good and justice in a war torn galaxy against a great evil. Youre not perfect and you falter and even stumble and fall at one point but with the aid of friends new and old you rise back to your feet and face down the greatest evil and triumph essential star wars.

2: Imperial Agent: intrigue twists turns backstabbing --sometimes literally-- betrayal conspiracies everything you ever wanted in a spy story is here, and youre at the core of it all. and the final decision you make is one that has the potential to shake the galaxy to its core

3: Sith Warrior: So much fun youre a Sith and you do things your way. also one of the stories with one of the best romances via Vette. Its absolutely hilarious too if you play it as full light side 5 they never see you coming and especially jedi are thrown off by your ""peaceful" "approach to situations

4: Jedi Consular: the story that makes one truly feel like a JEDI the code the powers in use, diplomacy and solving problems via peaceful solutons. this is the essence of the Jedi order at its best and why you come to represent its highest ideals

5: Smuggler OMG ROFLMAO this story is a laugh riot and both gender smugglers pretty much romance anything that moves if you want to, The Smuggle is just gobs of fun if you ever loved Han Solo and stories about lovable rogues and their friends escaping harrowing situation via the skin of their teeth and other assorted body parts then the Smuggler is the story for you

6: Bounty Hunter Now this also is a good star wars story. only different from the Jedi Knight. if the Jedi is the big damned hero then the Bounty Hunter is their shadowy opposite in many ways but if they choose to be they become no less a hero then the Knight. the BH may seem to have in some ways more freedom of choice in their actions but they find themselves embroiled in larger events then they planned and when the times comes this lone gunslinger makes their presence felt

if you ever loved the Mandalorian series this is the class and story for you

7: Imperial Inquisitor: IF you ever wanted to know what the darksides mysteries were like the intrigue of the sith and their politics this is the story for you. the inquistor starts out as the lowest of the low but by the time theyre done their scheming and power allows them to rises to the utmsot heights. and odnt feel you have to go all dark side like the warrior above the lightside choices have their own advantages as well

8: trooper. considered by many the weakest of the stories the trooper is still an essential star wars story in its own right. because not everyone gets to be a jedi and so it takes true heroism to face down a powerful mad lightning throwing monster with a lightsaber when all you have is a knife a grenade and a blaster pistol. the tropper tells the story about the men and women who dont have the force to call on when they go into battle and who have to rely on themselves and their teamates to survive and triumph its fun and engaging and leads you on a roller coaster ride until the end
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12.06.2020 , 11:43 PM | #58
Quote: Originally Posted by Rolodome View Post

I think it makes sense though, with the intended character of the SW. If SW is supposed to be most like Vader, could you imagine Palpatine forcing a young Vader to grovel? Or forcing Anakin to grovel?

In SW it made sense to me that he could get away with being snippy because he was going above and beyond the expectations of a new Sith apprentice all the freakin' time. If Baras was able to kick your face in because you got a little snippy, he might actually hurt you and then how are you going to accomplish the things that his lazy *** wants you to accomplish?

Baras, if you'll notice, hardly even cares. He has his plans for you and once you are through executing them, he will get rid of you. That's how he operates with everyone.

Or with Zash. Major spoilers ahead:
I think the whole storyline with Thanaton is done better: prior to level sync going toe-to-toe with him was much more scary, and in tune with how a Sith would feel about taking on their master, than the "sassing back" that goes on between the Warrior and Baras.
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12.07.2020 , 12:01 AM | #59
That being said, my favorites are :
(from first to last)

1. Inquisitor. Rags to riches in terms of power. Plus lightning. Lots of lightning.
2. Bounty Hunter: Have been a fan of Mandos since Bobba Fett first appeared on the big screen.
And so far, all of my BHs have gone full Mando, DS and LS alike.
3. Imperial Agent: The only class that gives you real different outcomes to the vanilla story. Intrigue. James Bond. Or, if you choose the appropriate dialogue.... Maxwell Smart.
4. Sith Warrior: Basically you play a Darth Vader-like character without the whining of Anakin.
5. Jedi Knight: Basically you are Luke from "a new hope". No blue milk though, and no TLJ - thank the force! The hero story.
6. Trooper: Military story, I like it, plus I get to shoot a big*** cannon :-)
7. Smuggler : Basically you are Han Solo. With Gus, companion with the funniest dialogue in the game.
8. Counselor: Never really got into this one very much. Wasn't really a qyzen fan, and the other companions were largely forgettable. Story-line was boring.

So, basically I like 7/8 of the stories.
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12.07.2020 , 02:17 AM | #60
1. Sith Warrior, the story has a lot of variation depending on how you play it, and it all feels natural. I thoroughly enjoyed playing a scheming warrior constantly out to usurp his master's powerbase, I liked the dry humour of the warrior as well, in the situations I opted for it. Played a male and his voice is amazing. Vette and Quinn are great companions, I was hoping Pierce and Broonmark would develop into something a bit more 2 dimensional, which speaking of, sums up Jaesa. I wish she wasn't a pure binary choice, in either case, she's too extreme for me.

2. Smuggler, just really good fun, loved the female VA, I didn't think I would like my smuggler as much as I do, but all the opportunities to climb the criminal ladder through lies and schemes made me enjoy it for a lot of the same reasons as the sith warrior, the comedy is on point for the most part too. I disliked Corso to the point I liked dragging him along just to see his reaction when I climbed the criminal ladder through lies and schemes. I really liked Risha & Guss. Bowdaar was okay, nothing revolutionary about him. My favourite Wookiee companion is still Hanharr by far. No idea why the zabrak joined up & stuck around, I did all my dialogues with her and I'm still none the wiser, I guess she fits in if you play a more light side oriented smuggler.

3. Imperial Agent, it was hard to pick a 3rd and 4th place, as they are very close to me, I echo a lot of the sentiments others say about this class, but some parts felt too contrived or too "gotcha" for me to put it at the top. In stories like these the annoyance of predicting a twist and having no chat options to allude to your character understanding it becomes a bit more annoying too. The VA is really on point though. Hated Kaliyo, no idea why imperial intelligence would keep that liability around after she expended her uses. I guess you either really like her or hate her, to me she was grating. Temple I found kinda meh, she was there I suppose, but the rest I found really interesting and it was exciting to explore their dialogues.

4. Jedi Knight, I thought the VA made the character seem duller than it is, playing a male. I've only played it once as a light side esque, do anything to crush the empire, and it was very enjoyable, albeit by the books. Companions were interesting, I brought t7 along with me for the most part, but I enjoyed all of them except Rusk, same as Pierce, just really one dimensional. And while the said can be said about t7, its personality aligns more with what I find enjoyable.

5. Jedi Consular, I played a female consular, and I don't really have any major gripes with the story, I thought it was enjoyable and it was nice to play a "regular" jedi, that said I don't think the highs hit as high as the above classes. I played as a female and the VA sounds exactly as you would imagine, which is a good thing. Honestly it's been a while since I played this story, and I can't remember much about the companions, I didn't like most of them though. My favourites were Theran and Qyzen.

6. Bounty Hunter, sorta like the smuggler, I just found it less entertaining. Can't remember too much about it, guess it just didn't appeal to me. Played as a male and found the VA very stereotypical, which is fitting. I liked Gault and Blizz.

7. Trooper, I think the trooper storyline would fit better in a short fps shooter like republic commando, the story felt like it dragged out, the first act was by far the strongest, and I lost my interest in it after that. I don't really have any what you could call objective criticisms, same as the bounty hunter, the story just didn't appeal to me. The voice actor was a bit dull to me though, playing a male LS trooper, a bit reminiscent of the knight. Same with the companions, don't think I finished their dialogue trees.

8. Sith Inquisitor, the voice actor both male and female are excellent, and I found it fairly enjoyable when I played it as a total psychopath cackling and electrocuting everyone in my path, which I did on my second playthrough. However, the reason I rate it this low is because of the missed opportunities, I think the warrior better embodies what it means to be an inquisitor, in that the inquisitor barely has any options to seize power, usurp others, and craft schemes. You trudge around doing irrelevant things and any advancement you get sorta just land in your lap, which felt really disappointing. Enjoyed Khem and Andronikos, the rest of the companions felt a bit lacklustre, although in my first playthrough I had some interesting conversations with the togruta one whose name escapes me at the moment.