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More Chat Channels and Filters Needed

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More Chat Channels and Filters Needed

Yeldah_'s Avatar

01.24.2019 , 08:31 PM | #1
Star Wars the Old Republic (SWTOR) currently supports a dedicated chat for player versus player (PVP), general, chat and Trade. Why then is there no player versus environment (PVE) chat and role play (RP) chat? I constantly see threads where people want a dedicated RP server because apparently RP players and the rest of the player-base cannot mesh together without blood. Adding these two chats would allow better filtering and a better SWTOR experience for those players. It would also allow the political trash currently infesting general chat on multiple planets to no-longer bother everyone else.
Alternatively you can re-label general chat to "scum channel" so that certain players know where to spew their crap.
Good day.
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01.25.2019 , 05:13 AM | #2
Since PvE is the default manner to play the game, there doesn't need to be a specific channel for that. As far as an RP server goes, they used to have them but the numbers weren't there to support keeping them around so they got consolidated in the server merges. If memory serves, Ebon Hawk had the larger population and they ended up merged into Star Forge.

Regarding an RP channel, it is a common perception in many games that the majority of RP done is going to be ERP because there is a subset of ERPers who just will not take that somewhere private and have essentially ruined the image of RP to anyone outside the RP communities. Lord knows everyone's heard of what goes on over on Moon Guard in WoW or Club Caprice in Champions Online. A RP channel would not only get trolled every which way possible, but there would be outcry at resources and effort made to set up a channel when there are other things like bugs in the game that are in need of more attention.
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01.25.2019 , 08:55 AM | #3
I would like to see one more Guild chat channel, because two channels would be very useful.

One for the people planning whatever event (raid, roleplay, conquest, whatever trying to get work done).
One for general chat and mayhem, not interrupting the more serious conversation.

As for additional non-guild, open world chat channels, it wouldn't hurt to have another one.
I'd love to see a Roleplay channel, for people to meet up and coordinate RP and social events.
It certainly wouldn't hurt anything and would benefit that community.
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