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Fastest farming of Unassembled Components

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Fastest farming of Unassembled Components

Ghostius's Avatar

01.25.2019 , 05:42 PM | #1
Wondering, is it faster to farm UCs with rank 300 character or with alt with lower cxp rank, by doing planet failies, maybe odd MM fp if it pops?

Ardrossan's Avatar

01.25.2019 , 05:46 PM | #2
PVP is the best, I believe.

GhOsTPrOz's Avatar

01.25.2019 , 05:53 PM | #3
No, NIM Raiding is the best UC farm.
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01.25.2019 , 07:33 PM | #4
To some extent it depends on how many alts you have, but: You should do the Ossus Weekly / Complete 10 Dailies on as many characters as you can without clawing your eyes out. The rotation I use takes about 20-25 minutes per character. Here's why it is so beneficial...

Unassembled Components (UCs) are useful now only insofar as they allow you to purchase Masterwork Shards (MWS).

On each character you complete that weekly on, one of two things happens:

1) You actually get a useful piece of 252 gear. If so, you immediately have saved yourself 1000 UCs in just a 20-25 minute time frame, because you need the shell to upgrade to 258. You can purchase the 252 shell outright for 2 MWS, of course, but then the grand total cost for the 258 piece is 5 to 6 MWS vs. 3 to 4 if you got lucky and nabbed a useful piece.

2) If you get another Relic of Ephemeral Boundless Crap, you can still disintegrate it for 175 UCs. Not terrible, though frankly, I would up it 250 or so.

Obviously, you can only do this once per character / per week. And, I won't snow you, both PvP and NiM raiding are by definition far more dynamic than extinguishing fires.

Still, it's hard to dispute the mathematical benefit of doing the Ossus Weekly / 10 dailies given potential cost savings of UCs. And 175 UCs for 25 minutes of playtime isn't too shabby compared to other methods of acquisition (no queue times, no organizational costs, etc.).

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Pacram's Avatar

01.25.2019 , 07:52 PM | #5
I've found that farming PvP is the best, remember to pick up the unranked daily/weekly. Once you've do this move across and do the solo ranked 0/10 and if you can 0/50 solo ranked. I did this last week and got 1100 Unassembled components