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My latest Sith Marauder Montages

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My latest Sith Marauder Montages

Xarthron-Kun's Avatar

12.21.2013 , 01:48 AM | #1
Hi my fellow Marauders.

A while ago i've decided to make pvp montages so people could watch them, and maybe even learn from them.
Now my first two were decent, but not good (you may remember when I posted those on the forums) however i've improved much since my first two video's since those were made when I was back to the game for like 1 month.

I've decided to make this topic where I can post future montages and the ones i've released already, most of my previous ones were a succes (all over 1.000 views) however I don't feel like my first two video's were that good because I didn't have any gear & I barely had any movement. Since i've (sort of mastered) the profession i've made much better video's with much better rating aswell, if you would like to check them out i'd appreciate it, also if you have any tips/suggestions for future marauder video's or things I could improve, please post it here or in the YouTube comments, I play Carnage/Annihilation.

The Montages:

Sith Marauder Montage 1:

Sith Marauder Montage 2:

Sith Marauder Montage 3: (Best so far)

Sith Marauder Montage 4: (Uploaded 2 days ago, all new but for my feeling the best I've made so far)

If you want so stay updated as soon as they release, you might aswell subscribe to my channel.

Anything you'd like to say like questions etc you can ask me below or in the YouTube comments, i'll usually answer within the day.

Have a nice day,
Scorpíus from the Bastion.

Prototypemind's Avatar

12.21.2013 , 10:37 AM | #2
The only thing that would have made the new one better is if you had used "Mara" by Carnage for the tracking =p Pretty nice work.