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Some issues with the Force slider

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Some issues with the Force slider

SystematikDefcon's Avatar

01.10.2019 , 08:20 PM | #1
I everyone ! im kinda new in here and I notice something strange on my Sith Warrior.

So I decide too play Sith warrior choosing all the ''Good/light'' side in the decision part , but Im lvl 34 and im 6-8k in dark side and 4k in light side I REALLY dont understand I treat my compagnion with respect and never kill any character (except the mobs) So I was wondering if someone knew my problem.

Thank you !

LD_Little_Dragon's Avatar

01.10.2019 , 11:08 PM | #2
That's the dark/light alignment toggle that's throwing you off. It's set to dark side for imp players be default. This means you gain dark side points for just about everything you do. Your light side decisions are being overwhelmed by the dark side points you gain from being 'commited to the dark side'.

You'll have to switch it to light side to get light side points.

Originally in-game story decisions were important for your character's alignment, but with the Galactic Command update they added the dark/light toggle which makes in-game decisions meaningless in regards to character alignment.
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