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I miss Star Wars Galaxies :(

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09.11.2017 , 03:57 AM | #301
wow, Batman, this must be some kind of Necro record

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09.12.2017 , 09:34 AM | #302
Quote: Originally Posted by Paulsutherland View Post
I remember that ... killing a Jedi back then was a BIG thing ... I was in a group of 5 people, we saw a Jedi on Yavin .... that guy lured us to the Dark Jedi Temple ...

It took us a few attempts to get past those two guards, but when we did, it was like being in a predator movie ... that temple was a bugger to navigate ... that one Jedi then proceeded to pick us off one at a time.

My poor pack of Sand Panthars never new what hit them.
Ahhh, such fond memories of SWG. It was actually my first MMO. In fact, I think for a lot of us it was our first step away from console type games to an MMO. MMOs have improved so much since SWG but there is one major thing lacking and that being the community involvement. When you were in a guild in SWG you talked either on ventrillo or chat. There wasn't this empty silence like we see now. Need help completing a mission or killing a hard mob? just ask your guildmates and they would be there. I made a lot of real life friends from all over the world in SWG. We had several guildmates who were from Australia. We would get together and hunt in groups. You really had to work together because a lot of us were perma-flagged Jedi Knights. That was another cool thing I liked about SWG. You had to unlock the Jedi/Sith and yes it was a grind. But the reward of meditating in front of the altar and hearing that Star Wars music play was a good feeling of accomplishment. Then you had the Knight trials which was fun and sometimes challenging. Once you completed that you were permanently flagged PVP. This made the world PVP the most fun in any game I have ever played. Fights would break out in Theed, Coronet City, or in random towns, etc. You had three trees to pick from Defender, Healer, or Enhancer(?). I can't recall the last one but that was my spec. I loved it. I remember force speed being so fast I could out run a speeder. And speaking of speeders, remember leaving them disabled in the starports and recalling them at the new destination all fixed up? Yes MMOs have changed a lot. I think SWG had like 32 professions or something. Designer, architect, entertainer, doctor, etc. were a few. The player towns were great. We had sanctuary homes and towns all over so if we were being chased by jedi hunting parties we could escape if needed. Loved going on Krayt hunting parties, and nightsister/rancor hunts.

I had a friend from Australia who was a great pvper and he could pretty much take on bounty hunters and not get killed. He was always on the boards and survived every bounty attack. One time he was fighting a Krayt and a BH thought he could have an easy kill until the he mind controlled the Krayt and sent it after the BH. It was pretty funny.

I left the game after the CU and just before the NGE. But it was a lot of fun during the time I played. For many of us this game brought a real Star Wars feel. There were NPCs of Luke, Han, etc. in the game. The game introduced what we all know as the Grind. There was a picture someone created of Darth Vader standing in defensive stance with his light saber drawn and a bunch of dead Quenkers all around him. The caption above was All I need is 10,000,000,000 more Quenkers and soon I will be MASTER! It was a funny picture but so true on how many of us felt with grinding. Obviously that part hasn't changed much in MMOs.
Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line!

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09.13.2017 , 03:34 AM | #303
SWG was my first too - I spent weeks on Tatooine before I joined the Dantooine Bol hunting club, I killed so many of them.

One of my first deaths was on Tatooine, some guy lured a Krayt Dragon into the Bestine cantina, my god ... I've never seen people run for cover, there were bodies everywhere.