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Survival of the Nerdiest: Match 2

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Survival of the Nerdiest: Match 2

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01.06.2015 , 12:51 AM | #1551
Quote: Originally Posted by karadron View Post
Well, it's about time. Nobody's posted for about two months now?

Completely unrelated: So what's going on in the Kaggath? I'm busy a few days and it feel like fifty pages got added.
Tell me what the topic is that your on right now and I can summarize it within a paragraph or two. Quite a bit of lollygagging lately...

Though, for this one I think we got stuck with people going inactive or the flow getting messed up with the four way constant conversation.

Side Note: Might be best to PM me regarding updating you on the Kaggath stuff, so you have an idea what is going on before you read through.
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