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Plasmatech/ pyrotech dots should spread like a shadow or sins.

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Plasmatech/ pyrotech dots should spread like a shadow or sins.

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09.04.2019 , 03:04 PM | #1
I think that the dot on incendiary round and missile for the plasmatech and pyrotech specs should spread on explosive surge and flame sweep, rather than ion wave and flamethrower.
Operative and scoundrel dot spread was changed from a cone based aoe in blaster volley (now removed and replaced) to the new bushwhack and toxic haze abilities. This is an 8 metre cone aoe ability.
Assassins and Shadows can spread their dots with a spammable 5 metre ability (deathfield and force in balance still need to go back to being 8 metres).

It is time that Vanguards and Powertechs be brought into the modern age and have their dot spread changed from an awkward to use cone ability on a 15 second cooldown, to a spammable aoe such as for the assassin and shadow. This is more balanced than assassin and shadow spread spam due to the energy cell and heat system punishing the spamming of abilities. Further, the second dot that vanguards and Powertechs use in their active rotation is not spreadable, and only spreads to a single target if one dies. Because of this, Powertechs and Vanguards struggle with energy management when trying to keep dots on several targets at once.

Do other Powertech and Vanguard players share the same sentiment? Thoughts?
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