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What can I do better in pvp? (VG tank)

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What can I do better in pvp? (VG tank)

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07.15.2012 , 08:57 AM | #1
I'm currently valor 60 with a tank specc'd vanguard. I have nearly all BM supercommando gear (except elim rifle, 2x champ relics and WH boots). Half my gear is augmented with 50 blue defense augs.

hp = 18,691
DR = 52%
Shield chance = 41%
Shield absorb = 45%
spec = 32/7/2
On the shield side, I dont have charge, smoke grenade, neural overload and only 1/3 of aim boost

I don't use
full auto
recharge cells
reserve powercell
sticky grenade
energy blast

I have 21 other skills hotkeyed to mouse and game pad

my typical results in warzone are
damage 50-150k
protection 50-100k
healing 0

I aoe on occassion if there is a cluster of imps, rarely mortor because they run out one tick into the channel
I guard and try to keep my two taunts always in use
I use both stuns, storm and harpoon frequently
I try to keep 4x on my ion pulse power screen

I'm not sure that I am contributing properly to the team as a tank, and I see others doing 4-600k damage, or equal/better damage, protection and some healing.

I usually roll in with the following priorities
1. get my guard on a healer, then dps that is in range
2. fire off both taunts
3. look for someone trying to cap and interupt
4. once I take fire, I hit reactive shield , battle focus and adren rush
5 I either hit cryo to stun, or if there is multiples, I hit nueral surge to stun many
6. dps where I can, keeping my taunts fired off
7. die and start over

Some obvious thoughts...
- get my supercommando carbine for the extra hp
- augment the rest of my gear and get purple augs as cash allows
- still moving toward all WH, obviously...

Are there any good tips on how to improve protection and/or increase damage out? As a hybrid tank in the <49 bracket, I had no issue approaching a single player and taking them on. With this build, I will not even bother as I will get owned.

- skill tree changes?
- rotation?
- add some skills above that I don't use? (I am nearly buttoned out, if I add one of the above that I don't use, I probably need to remove something less important)

All of my skills get a work-out each match. I'm pretty content with medal count for offense and defense, but I am wondering if there are things I could be doing better to help my team. EIther with this build, and play-style or with some modifications.

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07.15.2012 , 08:03 PM | #2
are you looking to do more dps? link your spec. i'll take a look at it. when i go tank spec i typically average 300k+ damage and 15+ meadals.

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07.16.2012 , 02:00 AM | #3
I don't use
full auto
recharge cells
reserve powercell
sticky grenade
energy blast
You should be using all of these, maybe not Full Auto, but definitely all the others.

Sticky should be part of your standard rotation. Sticky-Stockstike-HiB, it's going to give you the best burst.

I'm WH/BM Supercommando gear, and I've been stacking Reflex augments to hit harder. It's working out fairly well.
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07.16.2012 , 10:55 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by daiddu View Post
I don't use
recharge cells
reserve powercell
sticky grenade

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07.16.2012 , 04:00 PM | #5

Do you know that the majority of peoples attacks in pvp are either tech or force? As such, most attacks are walking right past your high % shield and defense. A lot of the utility fuctions such as debuffing & CC can also be done even if you aren't tank speced. I personally find that I'm of "better use" ,as you said said, stunning or dpsing healers or other dps heavy classes that have week defense. Granted you lose the guard utility, but consider the tactics tree + a dps build for pvp if you are looking to be useful in pvp.

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07.16.2012 , 04:31 PM | #6
I had a long chat with a vanguard on my server that nearly doubled my numbers one match. He only went to storm on the shield tree, gut and then 5 points on the third tree. This is very similar to my earlier hybrid build. It definately ups my DPS, but lowers shield bonuses. He was big on aoe attacks, guard switching and constant taunts.

Regarding my lack of sticky and others, I have 26 skills currently keymapped and that is all I care to keep track of. I will gladly discard a skill for a better one, but having 30+ is too many for my brain to process. I don't generally open up for dps burst, but taunts, stuns and interrupts.

I'd like to stay as a pvp tank, but I am wondering is this is the best use of my team slot. As a tank, am I pulling my own weight to help the team win? I'm typically in the bottom third damage wise, and zero for healing. My protection and ability to soak enemy dps adds something, but I'm not sure it's enough.

Distribution of MVP votes might suggest that healers and very high dps are valued. Protection will occasionally get a vote from the person protected. Objective point leaders will sometimes get votes.

I don't really care about the MVP votes so much as adding value to my team and feeling like I helped contribute as much as I could to the team. I appreciate everyone that responded with suggestions and advice.